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your specific business requirements

  • Engage

    Kaleyra allows for the effortless delivery of text messages globally. With features that can be configured to meet regulatory compliances across the world, Kaleyra makes engaging with customers simple, secure and effective.
  • Delight

    Kaleyra evolves the concept of bulk messaging, taking it to the next level. It solves the ‚what, when and where, riddle of bulk messages and delivers contextually relevant promotional and transactional messages, consistently delighting customers.
  • Interact

    Interacting is a mutual and two-way process. Kalyera provides the flexibility of interacting with customers either via short codes, long codes, or with your own brand name, enabling more meaningful, engaging and powerful communications.

Send messages
even in China.

Kaleyra SMS

Our assets are built to create and add value to every communication.

  • Steer your communication

    Get optimized and reliable end-to-end glitch-free delivery by connecting directly with hundreds of carriers across the world.
  • Reach subscribers globally

    Engage with your customers across 200+ countries and 87+ languages using a single API.
  • Communicate timely

    Deliver time-critical messages ON TIME using high priority message delivery solution.
  • Erase language barriers

    Send and receive unicode messages in your subscriber's preferred language.
  • Hassle-free subscriber management

    Seamlessly automate opt-in/opt-out lists with our inbuilt messaging logic.
  • Tell the complete story

    Get your lengthy messages seamlessly linked on the subscriber's end.
  • Gain valuable insight

    Shorten URLs to make CTAs effective and track subscriber behaviour.
  • Sustain speedy delivery

    Get your one-to-one requests processed at the rate of 3K/SMS per second, round the clock.
  • Foster new relationships

    Set auto-reply to acknowledge new opt-ins 24/7 and make subscribers feel special.
  • Build your brand

    Create a lasting impression on your subscribers through exclusive elite numbers.

Connect with your customers through text messages.

Increase customer satisfaction, retention and engagement through our messaging platform.


    Push Notifications allows for the user to be notified without opening the application. Our service is an effective tool for intensifying customer engagement and communication. It's easy to use and adds functionality for its customers, such as multi-account, multi-device management and SMS fallback. An extremely cost effective channel which delivers messages on all mobile operating systems.
  • SMS

    Explore Kaleyra's two models; Premium and Free to decide which best suit your needs, both PCI-DSS compliant. With 98% of alerts delivered within 2 seconds, its easy to see why more than 95% of banks in Italy use Kaleyra's platform. The communication platform that combines cost-effectiveness, small investments, and a high ROI. Kaleyra's offers an extensive range of telecommunication services which are being used ever-increasingly as a mode of communication with customers.
  • 2 WAY SMS

    With Kaleyra's 2-way SMS maintain consistent and timely communication with your customers. Our interactive 2-way messaging enables companies to create engaging competitions and promotions and for people to contact their favorite brands and companies directly, send them feedback, questions, requests, etc...

    With our Number Lookup service you can identify invalid or inactive numbers to keep your database updated, optimize message and voice routing and prevent frauds and spams. Kaleyra helps you to build an efficient database and save money by not being billed for undelivered text messages. Kaleyra also offers Virtual Phone Numbers to give to your international customers therefore eliminating the cost barrier and making it easier for customers to reach you through Toll-free numbers. Kaleyra gives you a choice of number from our massive number inventory or you can opt for a randomly assigned number, with all numbers being customizable through Short codes making it easier for customers to remember.

    Kaleyra teams up with Oracle Eloqua to create a mobile application of multi-channel marketing, helping to optimize sales and improve customer retention, satisfaction, and loyalty. Find Kaleyra's app on Oracle Marketing Cloud. An integrated messaging platform for Oracle Eloqua that adds SMS or Push Notifications to your campaign canvas. Kaleyra's easy-to-use and flexible application allows you to manage your marketing messages effectively with automation and personalized options.

Each SMS sent
to customers counts.

Reliable, efficient delivery of
your business SMS

2.5 bn

Text message traffic per month.


Messages per second.

We are driven by our API

Our API is simple yet very powerful. Get your hands on it and program the API
in the language of your choice.

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