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Kaleyra Hexa: Unified APIs are exactly what you need!

Kaleyra Hexa: Unified APIs are exactly what you need!
By Sakshee Sunil Sarrawgi . 08 May 2019 . image 8 min read

We built Kaleyra Hexa to empower businesses all around the world through an omnichannel platform that could help manage all business communication easily. Hexa is a combination of all the insights we have gained from our customers over the years and the latest technology available to provide the most innovative communication solution. Through Hexa, we have introduced simplicity at every step of the way.

Hexa is simple to use but powerful, so businesses don’t have to worry about making every single decision for each interaction. Can you imagine how exhausting that would be? Instead, you can just focus on making important and unique decisions for your business communication. Furthermore, this self-use product allows you to instantly get what you want. If you are looking for a feature that is not added to your account, need more credits or want to create a sender id, you can easily do all of that or more yourself, from the platform, with a few clicks.


Our unified API

At Kaleyra we constantly try to make communication as simple as possible for businesses. With Hexa, we have taken our APIs a step further. Our unified API platform allows you to use one API for all channel-related functions. This enables businesses to address customer needs in the fastest and most efficient way possible. By simplifying the internal process for businesses, we ensure that you can deliver exactly what your customers need and easily enhance your customer experience.

What’s new for developers?

Self-use platform


All you have to do is sign-up online for Kaleyra Hexa and you can get running within minutes. You no longer have to go through a long process to set-up your account. Furthermore, its easy-to-use interface guides users end-to-end and enables businesses to launch all campaigns successfully. If you get stuck at any point, our API documentation and reference docs are right there to provide you a detailed solution and guide you at every step. We have also eliminated the need to comprehend 15-20 tabs from the menu bar, available on your account, to enable various product features (SMS, Voice etc.). All the functions have been compressed into 4 tabs that can guide you at each step of your campaign launch.




You want to launch an SMS campaign, so you log in to your Hexa account. Once you log in and click on SMS, you will have to run the API- fill in phone numbers, add message template and so on. Then you will receive status updates. After that, you can track the campaign and get reports immediately.

Each step smoothly follows from the previous. Our platform is created to allow a smooth flow for users. You are automatically taken to the next step once the previous one is completed. With this end-to-end assistance, we aim to make sure that your campaign setup is ideal.

One API, multiple functions


You no longer need to use complicated and lengthy APIs, that is time-consuming and inefficient. You can now deploy all product-related commands directly from one API. In addition, you also have fewer and easier parameters to fill, that can instantly get the API running. This further means that there is no need to use abundant resources or spend long hours coding. Our easy-to-use and powerful APIs can be used with minimal coding.


Omnichannel platform


Kaleyra has eliminated the need to login to multiple accounts for different channels of communication (SMS, Voice, etc.). With Hexa, you can access voice, SMS, instant messaging, flow builders and much more, from one common platform. In such a way all your business communication is organized and you can track every interaction. You can reach customers on any communication channel of their choice and manage everything as efficient as if you were actually just handling one channel.


Easy tracking


We have made tracking efficient for you with live error logs and updates. Once the API is used and your campaign is launched, you can immediately view the status of all your messages. This means that businesses now don’t need to use a different API to check the status of every campaign. You have instant updates present at your fingertips, making your work significantly easier. You can also insert CTA, Shorten URL links and docs in your SMS campaigns. By adding tags to import files you can easily save texting time. Furthermore, you can even send multilingual messages to reach customers in their preferred language. With Hexa, you don’t have to choose one. You can send both normal texts and Unicode messages, simultaneously through an API. Moreover, having a unified API further means that you can also similarly send messages to individuals by inserting their phone numbers, to groups that have been created or to both.   


Flow building


You can easily create flows in minutes to move beyond the current API facilities, with a simple drag and drop visual editor. With custom made SMS and Voice templates in place, you can set up your communication effectively. Moreover, with comprehensive widgets that are self-explanatory, you can easily engage customers. This creates a smooth interaction by allowing you to solely focus on the customer and their problem instead of figuring out how to make the communication possible.

Today, Kaleyra is disrupting the communication industry with an all-in-one product that can handle all your business communication efficiently through its simple and powerful product called Hexa. This platform allows businesses the flexibility to design, create, track and manage all their interactions with every customer. A product like Hexa is unparalleled in the industry, and that’s why businesses can optimize this platform, that can be tailored to any unique business model- developers, enterprises and even lean model startups, allowing them to make the most of it and gain competitive advantage.

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