Accelerate human resource processes by integrating Kaleyra Video within existing recruitment platforms

Enable recruiters to get in touch with potential or existing employees remotely for interviews, assessments, other hiring processes, and staff training through Kaleyra Video, a new-age video communication channel that gets integrated directly with the HR platform they already use.

Hire and manage employees remotely with Kaleyra Video

Enhance interactions between recruiters and candidates

Add a more engaging layer of communication to your existing talent acquisition suite. Allow hiring managers and applicants to connect with each other face-to-face, in real-time, and from anywhere in the world, to discuss preliminary questions, arrange interviews, and formalize the next steps.

Improve real-time assessments

Use Kaleyra Video to make interviews more collaborative and accessible.  Enable recruiters to invite other assessors to test candidates, and give exercises or tasks to perform during the call. Add up to 25 participants in a session, without requiring either member to download any external software.

Boost participation in staff training sessions

Help HR teams to arrange and carry out remote training sessions for employees regarding new policies, product announcements, company developments, and more, directly from your corporate platform. Allow employees to not only attend the session from any location but also view it at their convenience by recording these conferences.

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Explore other channels to communicate with your customers

Empower your business communications with Kaleyra’s CPaaS suite

Global Reliability

With a reach to hundreds of MNOs, including all tier-1 US carriers, we provide high-quality communication services that can help you instantly connect with your customers worldwide.

Omnichannel Platform

Kaleyra unites all available communication channels by integrating data, technology, and communication across your business to enhance the brand experience that a customer has with you.

Top-grade Security and Reliability

Security breaches cause data loss, service disruptions, and reputation damage that add to high costs for businesses. We offer enterprise-grade security to all our customers across different industry verticals.

We’re ready to help you design the perfect communication experiences for your customers.