Every Financial interaction
is based on Trust

Discover our robust banking communication platform
with added layers of security.

Secure and interactive communication solutions
exclusively built for BFSIs

  • Deploy

    Kaleyra APIs are 100% compliant with
    banking policies and can be easily
    plugged onto your existing systems.
  • Connect

    Kaleyra's Fintech platform allows for customer engagement on every channel of their choice: SMS, Voice and e-mail.
  • Safeguard

    Customers' confidential information
    are always protected through
    multi-level security features.

The global platform
for all your business
communication needs.

Kaleyra Fintech is the preferred
communication solutions provider for BFSIs.

Benefits that are meant to secure relationships

  • Send messages in every language

    Kalyera platforms create messages in multiple languages with UTF-8 enabled coding.
  • Set your own validation rule

    Create your own validation rule for keywords sent via SMS from customers.
  • Manage access control

    Secure customer data by giving users role-based access to information.
  • Track as you go

    Agile reporting tool for data access and administration.
  • Prioritize time-critical tasks

    Manage queues and send high priority communications through the fastest channels.
  • Integrate with existing platforms

    Integrate with internal systems with high level scalability.
  • Take informed business decisions

    Get real time analytics to aid in decision-making.
  • Recover archived reports

    Get access to archived reports of any specified period.
  • Never lose important data

    Get continuous control on data backup.

Safeguarding your customers
is our prime concern

High-end features making security breaches next to impossible

Data encryption

128 SSL encryption enables uncompromisable data security.

On premises technology

Advanced technology to host services within your premises.

Data backup

Prevent crucial data from
being lost.

Access controls

Access to protected information for authorized users only.

Data integrity

Prevents data from being modified undetectably.

Data erasure

Prevent access to sensitive electronic data on digital media.

Trust us with your Fintech needs

Discover all that Kaleyra's Fintech Platform can manage:
One Time Password, PIN SMS, Security Alert, IM & Chatbot and E-mail


    Kaleyra offers OTP services which send credit card and prepaid card PIN numbers via SMS to end users, using a PCI-DSS compliant system. The service can be set up either to generate and manage the whole OTP life cycle or simply to send to the end user. Kaleyra's OTP service enhances security across the app, mobile website and/or online service. Our OTP service reduces processing, delivery times and costs.

    Kaleyra's PIN SMS solution sends card PINs via SMS to end users, using a PCI-DSS compliant system. The system can send the PIN directly via SMS or hide the pin with a web-based user identification system. PIN SMS reduces costs while being secure and effective. The system can be user controlled directly, allowing for firms to reach the largest number of contacts at the lowest cost. The PIN SMS service can be configured to meet the specific needs of each client and integrated with their corporate IT systems.

    Kaleyra's Security Alert notifies end users about their transactions and banking movements in real time. It implements an efficient medium of communication that connects the bank or BFSI with its customer. This service plays an important role in reducing fraud thanks to its real time notifications of any transaction or movement with customers personal banking instruments (bank accounts, debit cards, equity portfolio, etc.).

    Kaleyra's Chatbot software is designed to simulate a conversation with an end user, giving you the information you want or enabling you to complete a transaction.
  • E-MAIL

    Connect with your audience in a highly personalized way through Kaleyra's email service. It facilitates, completes and confirms transactions while also introducing or extending the email relationship with customers or subscribers. Through Kaleyra's email service you can cross-sell or upsell products or services. Email service can also be combined with SMS or Voice services to create a multi-channel solution.

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