Enable instructors to organize group training and events remotely with Kaleyra Video

Conduct virtual sessions, webinars, and conferences for up to thousands of participants, with multiple hosts, through our intuitive and easy solution that takes less than a couple of minutes to set up.

Experience the Kaleyra Video advantage

Large Capacity

Allow up to 15 panelists who can simultaneously share their screens for thousands of attendees without experiencing any lag in the video stream.

Flexible Viewing

Collaborate conveniently with members located across geographies. Conduct meetings and share presentations in real-time or record them for later.

Simple and Secure

Make the session accessible to all the participants and panelists from a secure link, accessible from any browser and device, with no need to download any external software.

Get Kaleyra Video for all your collaborative needs

Organize hassle-free staff training sessions

Enable trainers to arrange and carry out remote training sessions for employees regarding different topics, directly from your corporate platform. Allow employees to register for these sessions from their private intranet or receive a link to join the session. Offer them also the possibility to register sessions and view them later on.

Conduct remote classes for students

Benefit from Kaleyra Video, an easy-to-use solution developed keeping the needs of universities, training agencies, associations, and other institutes in mind. Host classes for up to thousands of students, by sharing a secure link to students via different channels, or integrating Kaleyra video with your existing platform.

Schedule live or recorded fitness sessions

Choose Kaleyra Video for health, wellness, and fitness purposes. Host online classes, teleconsultations, and private sessions to offer individuals or groups of people the required guidance towards a healthy lifestyle. Allow them the flexibility to join in real-time or watch the recorded session later as per their convenience.

Collaborate using our advanced video calling features.

Link Generator

Custom Branding

Call Recording



Panelist Management


Video Playback


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Explore other channels to communicate with your customers

Upgrade your business communication with Kaleyra’s CPaaS suite

Global Reliability

With a reach to hundreds of MNOs including all tier-1 US carriers, we provide high-quality communication services that can help you instantly connect with your educational community worldwide.

Omnichannel Platform

Kaleyra unites all available communication channels by integrating data, technology, and communication across the education sector to enhance the brand experience that your stakeholders have with you.

Top-grade Security and Reliability

Security breaches cause data loss, service disruptions, and reputation damage that add to high costs for educational institutes. We offer Top-grade security to all our customers across different industry verticals.

We’re ready to help you design the perfect communication experiences for your customers.