Reliable and secure voice communication for banking and insurance customers

Deliver transactional notifications, fraud alerts, OTPs, and service-related information to customers through cloud-based voice solutions – one of the most reliable communication channels for the BFSI sector.

Develop customer confidence in your brand and earn their trust

Strengthen Customer Account Security

Use voice as a fallback channel for OTP communications for those countries where SMS and data connection are not reliable.

Ensure Customer and Bank Data Privacy

Enable number masking features and ensure maximum privacy protection to your customers as well as relationship managers.

Enhance Customer Experience

Use Click-to-Call capabilities to set up voice calls and enable agents to efficiently handle customer calls and provide them with personal assistance.

Enhance your customer service with power-packed features

Enable Customer Self-service

Let your customers pay bills or activate new cards quickly and effortlessly over the phone via our banking IVR.

Promote Financial Products

Upsell and cross-sell financial products via voice broadcast to existing customers based on their eligibility and transaction history.

Prevent Fraudulent Activities

Safeguard your customers’ identity and prevent the misuse of sensitive information. Address the need for privacy and anonymity modern consumers have.

Trigger Transactional Alerts

Instantly notify your customers about any suspicious activity or banking transactions via phone calls.

Resolve Customer Queries

Enable your customer to talk to your support team almost instantaneously and help them resolve their concerns.

Strengthen Authentication Processes

Deliver your authentication PINs (via OTP under 2FA) to users regardless of their location through voice calls and prevent suspicious activities.

Enjoy the Kaleyra Advantage

Global Coverage

With a reach to hundreds of MNOs including all tier-1 US carriers, we can help you reach customers worldwide with high-quality next-generation voice experiences.

Scalable and Flexible Solutions

With the ability to transmit high volumes of calls and easily handle traffic spikes, we can deal with complex requirements and address large scale communication needs.

Customer Support

We provide 24/7 global customer service and comprehensive documentation to support you with any technical queries so that you can deliver uninterrupted services to your customers.

 Proven Communications Technology


Combined Customer Base, Kaleyra + mGage

Operator Connections
API Uptime

25.7 Billion

Messages, 2020

3.9 Billion

Voice Calls, 2020

We’re ready to help you design the perfect communication experiences for your customers.