Grab Customer Attention with In-App and Web Notifications

Ensure your customers never miss out on critical information and transactional alerts by triggering push notifications on their preferred devices.

Connect Faster With Push Notifications

 Connect Faster With Push Notifications

Trigger Messages From Applications

Connect with desktop and mobile banking users alike by sending push-notifications from Web, iOS, and Android applications.

Improve Customer Engagement

Keep them up to date about account privileges, financial offers, new product launches, app updates and upgrades, and noteworthy announcements.

Send Real-Time Notifications

Personalize your communication and push alerts relevant to their transactions, balance updates, usage history, and behavior trends.

Experience End-to-End Tracking

Monitor the lifecycle of each notification pushed out. Use this information along with our analytics to enhance the customer journey and optimize conversions.

Meet All Your Unique Banking Communication Needs

Retarget Leads

Share Promotional Offers

Cross-Sell Products

Send Payment Reminders

Request User Feedback

Build Stronger Relations

Display OTPs

Trigger Geolocation Alerts

Push Relevant Insights

Enjoy Dedicated Services

Kaleyra introduces K-lab, a one-of-a-kind innovation lab to develop impactful mobile CX solutions for BFSI members. Explore how leading banks and financial service companies are using push notifications along with other Kaleyra products to advance their business communication efforts. 

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We’re ready to help you design the perfect communication experiences for your customers.