Interact Safely and Securely with Email

Send transactional alerts, share important information, and implement two-factor authentication (2FA) via email, one of the most trusted and preferred channels by finance customers.

 Deliver Communication Campaigns Efficiently 

Encrypt Emails

Serve extra protection to your customers and their financial data, and gain their trust by enabling encrypted communication for all emails.

Trigger Bulk Messages

With our customizable templates, automate email triggers for important activities like sign-ups, recent transactions, card offers, etc., or immediately send out campaigns as per requirements.

Personalize Experiences

Deliver highly targeted emails based on customer preferences and previous interactions with banking or financial service representatives.

Optimize Results

Build communication fallback to ensure all your messages reach the customers. Use our delivery analytics to track all email exchanges and strategize future efforts for maximum impact.

Email Solutions For All Banking Needs

Send Promotional Content

Verify Transactions

Share Account Statements

Notify Balance Deductions

Email Solutions for Banks and Finance Sector

Experience the Power of Kaleyra

Instant Delivery

Our robust APIs and cloud platform can successfully deliver thousands of emails per second.

Swift Integration

Enjoy a hassle-free unification of our features and services with your multilayered environment. Built with non-developers in mind.

24x7 Support

Our team is available round the clock to ensure you can seamlessly provide services to your esteemed customers.

 Proven Communications Technology

Operator Connections
API Uptime

51.5 Billion

Messages, 2022

8.1 Billion

Voice Calls, 2022

We’re ready to help you design the perfect communication experiences for your customers.