Don’t keep customers waiting. Use AI-based chatbots for real-time interactions.

Our custom-built banking chatbots can keep your customers informed, solve essential BFSI queries, and guide them in smart ways. Reduce the waiting time in customer interactions; switch to chatbots. Optimize conversations of your customers with your live agents and personal bankers with purpose-built banking chatbots.


Chatbots do more with less

Fast and Effective

Kaleyra BFSI chatbot responses are immediate, tailored, and precise. No wait time – no unhappy customers. And if needed, a live agent can always be engaged directly.

Next Best Thing to Human

Our AI-based chatbots can answer frequently-asked banking questions to decrease human dependency and improve efficiency.


Engage your customers where they are: on your website, on Whatsapp, Telegram, and Messenger or mobile app. Integrate Alexa or Google Assistant for voice search. 

Cutting edge tech that evolves with the conversation

Pre-set Journey

Kaleyra BFSI chatbots are ready to deploy, working with natural language processing (NLP) to efficiently interpret banking queries

Multilingual Switch

Customers can choose the language they wish to interact with and set the Kaleyra BFSI chatbots to make a seamless language switch.

Trainable AI

Improve the performance of your banking chatbot with data. The more you feed data, the better, faster, and smarter it gets.

API Integrations

Kaleyra chatbot for BFSI integrates with Whatsapp Business API and natively integrates with websites, contact centers, multiple enterprise CRMs, and marketing automation platforms.

The smartest assistant your support agent could ever have 

With zero wait time, contextual agent handoff, AI-based learning algorithms, and machine learning abilities, Kaleyra’s chatbots are designed to enhance and improve your customer’s banking experience. They decrease agent load, helping improve their performance and provide better resolutions. Everything with 100% security, BFSI chatbot can integrate seamlessly for customer authentication too.

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We’re ready to help you design the perfect communication experiences for your customers.