About mGage

mGage is a global mobile engagement provider with 20+ years of experience helping brands create powerful and interactive connections with customers. We partner with enterprises to deliver high volume time-sensitive promotional and transactional messages across key messaging channels, including SMS, Push, MMS, and RCS.

As a Tier-1 aggregator, mGage meets the highest of industry standards. We serve 1,000+ enterprises and are a trusted connection for more than 600 carriers across the globe. Our broad and deep expertise in the ever-changing mobile technology industry makes us sought-after experts, trusted advisors, and the go-to partner for innovative companies that look to use mobile to their best competitive advantage.

Connectivity & Homegrown Platform 

mGage does not use third parties, so we have full control over our product pipeline. We are one of the only messaging companies that offer its own platform in addition to having direct carrier connections. This gives us not only the ability to invest directly into cutting-edge technologies (e.g., RCS), but also gives our partners the ability to influence the roadmap directly.


Direct carrier connectivity means faster throughput and higher reliability. A delayed or failed message can mean losing a sale. mGage can determine the root cause of any issue and work directly with the carriers to restore message delivery more quickly and efficiently than other messaging providers. mGage has regular calls with all U.S. carriers, enabling mGage to steer the industry as needed and to provide updates and notifications directly from the carriers to our partners. 


mGage has boosted messaging capacities and performance as our customer messaging volumes grow at a record pace. We are more capable than ever to handle surges in traffic and network demand due to improvements in our load balancing, storage, and monitoring. Furthermore, with our direct carrier relationships, we regularly work with the carriers to increase bandwidth. 

Stringent SLAs & Best-In-Class Support

Our platform allows end-to-end campaign management and is capable of sending millions of messages every hour at stringent customer service, performance, and availability-related SLAs. mGage’s NOC (Network Operations Center) is available 24x7x365 and is responsible for monitoring and alerts. The NOC will notify customers of incidents, scheduled maintenances, and carrier updates. We also offer a full mobile account management and strategy team to support your business and help improve KPIs; the team has extensive experience working with retail partners.

Enterprise-Grade Platform

A best-in-class infrastructure is the backbone of mGage’s messaging platform. mGage has the backing of strong, dedicated ownership (Vivial), which is investing tens of millions of dollars into mGage’s infrastructure, including the recently completed upgrade to two new, state-of-the-art U.S. data centers. As such, we provide our customers with a reliable, scalable, and high-performance messaging gateway. We built a state-of-the-art advanced messaging platform (mGage Communicate Pro) from the ground up and continually invest and innovate to meet our client’s needs. All of mGage’s offerings have been built in-house. We are one of the very few, if not only, companies in the U.S. with 1) direct carrier binds, 2) homegrown platform, 3) substantial and ongoing investments in its core offering. 

100% Mobile Focus

Since 1999, when we sent the first SMS campaign, mobile messaging has been our core business. Given how quickly the landscape of mobile technology changes, mGage continually evaluates new technologies and how they can integrate the company’s existing technology to offer a more comprehensive solution to its clients.

mGage is uniquely positioned to execute your mobile strategy. We will always be committed to helping businesses leverage the power of mobile messaging to engage, inform, and better understand their customers. We have the necessary platform, team, pedigree, and experience.  

Our goal through this proposal is to demonstrate how mGage will positively impact your bottom line through mobile innovation.

Check Out Our Offerings

RCS Messaging

Rich Communication Services (RCS) brings a new level of interactivity to A2P messaging. Businesses can use it to create compelling, branded content that engages their audience and makes them an active participant in conversations.

MMS Messaging

MMS messaging allows businesses to add an engaging new element to their messaging campaigns. Using MMS gives customers a fully interactive experience with the ability to interact through video, audio, pictures, and more.

Campaign Management

mGage’s (now Kaleyra) Campaign Management platform allows businesses to manage multi-step, multi-channel customer communication from a single place.

Premium SMS

Cater to a broader audience, especially the groups that do not use credit cards, with the widely accepted mobile billing option – Premium SMS (PSMS) – and increase your revenues.

Direct Carrier Billing

Direct Carrier Billing (DCB), also known as Direct Operator Billing enables consumers to pay for a purchase without a credit card, as the charge is applied to their mobile phone bill.