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WhatsApp Business- Change the Way You Communicate

WhatsApp Business- Change the Way You Communicate
By Sakshee Sunil Sarrawgi . image 5 min read

Mark your presence in over 180 countries with the Kaleyra API for WhatsApp.
In a simple and reliable way, businesses can now directly connect with over 1.6 billion WhatsApp users. By expanding reach to WhatsApp chats, Kaleyra has optimized its communication offerings for businesses all around the world.

What can you do with this API?
Businesses can now seamlessly send messages through WhatsApp. All you need to do is compose the text message with the information you want to send out. Our powerful algorithm then converts the simple text message to a WhatsApp message. The messages can contain media like images, audio, video, documents, etc. You can find detailed information on how this API works on Kaleyra’s developer’s page.

WhatsApp takes you where your customers are
By recognizing customer trends and adopting the latest technologies, Kaleyra has incorporated WhatsApp Business solution to allow better management of conversations. 60 billion texts are sent through WhatsApp every day. Catching up with an old friend, asking mom for help with a recipe or sharing a funny video with your cousin, consumers use WhatsApp on a daily basis to connect with friends and family. By switching to WhatsApp you too can have intimate conversations with your customers. Moreover, by communicating with customers on a platform they regularly use, businesses can benefit from high open rates. With hundreds of apps and social media platforms, the last thing customers need is to add another communication channel to their list, just to connect with your business. Therefore, by contacting customers at their convenience you ensure that customers can easily see the message even when they are on-the-go.

With a dominant presence in Latin America, Africa, and South East Asia, WhatsApp is what you need to engage customers globally! All customer interactions including alerts, package tracking, customer service, sales, etc., can be supported through WhatsApp Business. The combination of Kaleyra’s programmable and powerful API with WhatsApp Business’s convenience and ease of use has enabled businesses to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Secured Platform, Private conversations
WhatsApp Business provides companies that opportunity of engaging customers on a fast, simple and private platform that secures every conversation that takes place within it. To use WhatsApp Business, companies need to create business profiles for themselves. This profile is unique for each company and will only be made after WhatsApp has verified your business accounts. With end-to-end encryption and two-factor authentication (2FA), both businesses and customers are safeguarded. For customers, this further means that they can be rest assured that they actually talking to the businesses. It also eliminates the possibility of fraudulent attempts and misconduct further increasing the level of trust customers carry in your company.

What you need to get started:
1. Registered WhatsApp Business Number
2. Mobile Number
3. Kaleyra Global API Key

With Kaleyra’s one API for WhatsApp Business, you can support 7 different formats to make your communication more engaging and holistic:
1. Text
2. Audio
3. Documents
4. Templates
5. Contacts
6. Location
7. Images

Run this API in a few easy steps:

Step 1: Go to Kaleyra’s WhatsApp Business API page

Step 2: Copy the unique URL to use the WhatsApp Business API


Step 3: Fill in the required details including the unique URL you copied earlier, your activated API Key, the phone number(s) you want to send the message to, and the message you want to send

Step 4: Verify if the messages have been sent by checking the status of the message

That’s it! In just a few easy steps you can leverage Kaleyra API for WhatsApp and can connect with each customer personally. Get instant information about message status, access to real-time communication and details of open rates due to read receipts. With all this compiled data and ready access to messaging analytics, businesses can gain valuable customer insights. Furthermore, your WhatsApp brand identity serves as a known face for your customers as they see this when you message them. This increases their trust in the brand and increases brand loyalty.

The introduction of WhatsApp as a business tool is a complete game changer. With extensive reach and a highly engaged user base, businesses can now indulge in high-quality conversations with their customers. With high user popularity and convenience of use, WhatsApp has the potential of becoming a powerful, universally used communication channel. Don’t miss this chance! Kaleyra offers the easiest and most effective way through which you can leverage WhatsApp messaging instantly.





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