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Startup friendly products are creating a buzz in the market

Startup friendly products are creating a buzz in the market
By Vyshnavi Dabbir . image 10 min read

Startups are growing and, undisputedly growing at rates that are faster than a bolt of lightning. According to Nasscom, 1200 startups were established in 2018 in India alone, and now we can imagine the scale at which startups are headed globally. It’s no surprise that more and more entrepreneurs are coming up with ideas and starting their startups to venture into the global markets. In this scenario how many startups can actually leverage the reach and scope of communication applications?

When an entrepreneur starts a startup, how can he/she scale the venture to afford extremely priced communication products in the market? Keeping in mind that customer communication is the key to any startup success, how can lean model startups use advanced forms of communication like SMS, Voice, Email and Instant Messaging?

Considering these difficulties, Kaleyra has come up with the perfect opportunity that enables startups to leverage communication products in an ‘all-in-one’ platform called ‘Hexa’.

Hexa – An Introduction

Hexa is a communication tool that enables businesses to use SMS, Voice, Email, Instant messaging and numbers to connect with their customers across the world. The platform is enabled at an API as well as an application-level making it developer friendly too.

How is Hexa different from the million applications out there?

“Two roads diverged in a wood and I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference” ~ Robert Frost

This is precisely why Hexa is created, we chose the road that’s less traveled. This road has more challenges, unexpected difficulties, and unexplored dimensions. Being the market pioneers we are in creating products that are a class apart, we openly accepted the challenge to create something that probably didn’t exist in the market until date. Imagine if businesses could place calls, send SMSes, email, and IMs from the same application? How unique would that be? That would reduce the redundant effort of logging into an SMS platform and a Voice platform separately with multiple credentials and login details. You can just use one password to sign in. Sounds better right? That is the thought that triggered us to build and scale a product as big as Hexa.

Scaling newer heights

Scaling is an inflexible issue that most companies face with communication applications. When your business is growing and you would want to scale up the volumes of SMSes sent and calls placed, you would have to notify the communication service provider to scale up your service. That would require a turnaround time. If you have no campaigns coming up, why would you want to use a high volume package? Scaling down is the only option then. To scale down, the marketers of the communication service provider, somehow ‘convince’ you to stick to the higher package, abiding by the concept of ‘Upselling’.

With Hexa comes zero complexities. Scaling is completely under your control and you don’t have to call up the customer care or talk to your account manager or notify the company resource about scaling up or down. This makes it easier for startups that have fluctuating growth. Easy right?

Pay-as-you-go model

This is every business’s dream, to be able to pay for only the services they use for, exactly that; not a penny less or a penny more. But communication service providers often categorize their pricing into buckets where the business can pick the most relevant one. Hexa is different, you don’t have to pick the most relevant one but can actually pay for what you consume. Plans are flexible, hence you have all the liberty to scale up or down as and when there’s a requirement. And on rainy days, when you do not use our services, you don’t have to pay at all.

Ability to handle heavy volumes

If you own a startup business, then it’s almost certain that your business will have unexpected volumes. Sometimes you might have your subscribed list of customers to communicate with and sometimes when you’re launching a campaign, you might want to target a broader range of leads or customers which in turn can hike up the volumes. Given the need that you have higher volumes than usual, does your service provider provide the same quality of service and deliver your messages or connect your calls seamlessly? That is where Hexa pitches in. Hexa is built with powerful algorithms that can divert and cable traffic with zero congestion. The latency of the platform is so minimal that it can push larger volumes of traffic with no difficulty, hence meeting your unpredictable needs effortlessly.


Startups that work on a lean operating model need a reliable service provider. They put in their best to acquire a customer and each campaign matters to them. Factors like server uptime, downtime, resolution time and maintenance time, all play a very key role in deciding a service provider. In this scenario, any service that has inconstancies or up and downs is a big no-no. Hexa is backed up, by a very strong server dependency that is always up and running so that we can make sure, that your campaign has not just reached the target audience, but also has reached on time.


Given the fact that startups have smaller teams when compared to large scale enterprises and each employee’s bandwidth is important, communication becomes difficult when there are multiple vendors. Imagine your startup has triggered a campaign on your new product launch and you have 3 vendors, first for SMS, second for Voice and third for Email.

Your employee, should ideally collaborate and work with 3 different vendors on the launch of the campaign. Now imagine, you have a single vendor who gives you the status of SMS, Voice, and Email on your product launch campaign. That is exactly the gap that Hexa bridges. With Hexa, your employee can singlehandedly get details of multiple channels of communication. The best part is that these campaigns can be self-triggered on Hexa and you can simply view the status and customize the reports instantly.

How does Hexa benefit startups?

Quick setup

Hexa can be set up in just seconds. This advanced contact center application can be signed up online and set up quickly. For startups who do not like filling lengthy application forms and following a process to get things done, Hexa is a blessing. All you have to do to get started is Sign up online, create your Sender ID and you are good to go.

Manage employee bandwidth with minimalistic UI

Minimalistic UI is the trendsetting term that every business is looking forward to. After all, who would want a complex UI with defragmented pieces of information with an improper structure of the flow, that consumes time in just understanding how the application works? Well, businesses do not have time to rely on such complex UI and need handy stuff to keep going. Hexa is exactly that!

You can create a campaign on Hexa literally in three steps, and you know where the next step is leading you to, which indicates that we have tailored the journey as based on the extensive customer requirement analysis.

Zero Hassles

When an android user shifts to using an iPhone or vice-versa, he/she needs time to figure things out. The main difficulty lies in knowing how the system works. Similarly, it takes time for a first time user to learn about how the application works. And with Hexa, we understood this problem well and created a flow, where even the first time user does not get lost. This zero ambiguity technique was built on the numbering model where we enabled steps to get through the flow systematically. May that is campaign creation or onboarding, we have made the UI intuitive in a way that the application automatically guides you to the next step, leaving no room for confusion.

Easy Upgradation

Upgradation is an easy process if the application lets you scale at will. Hexa upgradation is an easy and dependable process with minimal effort required from the user. A click of a button is all it takes for the user to upgrade. Also, to opt in for more channels, he/she can widen the product scale with just a click. Let’s say your business is using Hexa SMS and wants to opt for Hexa Voice and Email. Just click the button to add the feature and you can use all the communication channels instantly. No more long hours of waiting and unnecessary procedures that delay the upgradation process.

Hexa is still budding and there surely is a long way to go. This is our undoubtedly our flagship product that helps businesses scale according to their needs, use according to their budgets and grow at their own pace. Businesses can now leverage the advantage of using multiple products under one single umbrella that simply saves them an abundant amount of resources, time, costs and energy. Come, let’s help you take a tour to Hexa.


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