Service Description

Product overview

Kaleyra is the cloud based service that helps businesses and developers to communicate with their final users, with the simplest, most effective, reliable, secure, and cost-effective omni channel communication platform-as-a-service (CPaaS).

Kaleyra is a cloud communication platform equipped with powerful APIs and high-quality messaging services (with direct connections to mobile operators) that offers a simple and secure way to connect with millions of users, worldwide, through multiple channels such as SMS, Whatsapp, Voice, and more, using simple interfaces to send Marketing campaigns or APIs for multi-channel transactional notifications. Unlike traditional messaging platforms and communication technologies that are expensive and difficult to integrate and use, the Kaleyra platform is built on technology expertise gained over 20 years of messaging experience with connections with major mobile operators in over 80+ countries, delivering high-quality services to the world’s biggest brands at the best price.