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SEO hacks to optimize Mobile Marketing

SEO hacks to optimize Mobile Marketing
By Pooja AV . 05 Sep 2018 . image 10 min read

Ever wondered how when you search using a particular word, some businesses are listed in the first page and some in the 100th page on a search engine! That’s mainly because the pages on the business’s website according to the search keyed in has been optimized at a greater level. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the key factors for businesses to be ranked on a certain page.

To know the SEO hacks on how to better your business through mobile marketing, we must first understand what is SEO and Mobile marketing.

What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the practice of increasing both quality and quantity of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.

SEO understanding is critical to engage users in the short attention window available when customers search for your business on search engines like Google, Bing, and others. By understanding this, businesses can significantly increase traffic and create brand awareness, improve brand recognition thus achieving brand loyalty.

SEO driven website traffic is extremely important. According to a study by HubSpot, 80% of a website’s traffic begins with a query searched on any of the search engines. The main aim for any business should be to get ranked in the first page of the search engine to get better visibility, increase website traffic. This directly leads to increasing revenue since it also increases lead conversions.

An enormous 75% of the people do not move beyond the first page of search engines like Google to check for the queries they searched. Nowadays with over the top smartphone usage, it’s not only necessary to optimize your business website laptop friendly, it’s highly important to optimize your websites such that they are mobile friendly.

What is Mobile marketing?

Mobile marketing is a multi-channel, digital marketing strategy that is aimed at reaching a target audience on their smartphones, tablets, other mobile devices. This is done via websites, email, SMS and MMS, social media, and apps.

Mobile marketing is extremely important since it’s one of the most powerful digital marketing tools that is present in today’s world. Your business search is just within the reach of a click of a button in your customer’s hand these days. Mobile internet usage has taken a leap of 90% since 2016, according to a report by Global Digital. This report shows that the growth of mobile-connected devices has reached new heights with more than half of the world’s population using the internet on smartphones to search through the mobile device.

According to Cisco, by 2021, mobile-connected devices is expected to reach a whopping 11.6 billion. This means that two devices per user is the average which brings us to the topics of discussion in this blog, which is businesses need to upgrade their SEO too make their websites more mobile friendly in order to grow.

SEO Hacks to optimize your digital marketing efforts:

With more and more businesses moving to digital platforms, it has now become a great place to generate revenue. In order to succeed in today’s competitive market, it is vital to know how optimizing your website can help businesses break the traditional marketing norms and increase reach, market value and thereby generate revenue.

If you haven’t made your website SEO friendly yet, here are few SEO hacks that are inexpensive and easy which will help optimize your website and help your business thrive by making it mobile marketing friendly.

Hack 1: Make your website mobile friendly

A recent Google report suggests that more than 60% of the searches happen through mobile devices. Therefore, it is necessary that businesses optimize their website for mobiles. It is essential to ensure the website is able to fit in multiple screens. By doing so, businesses can get started on their mobile marketing effortlessly and drive more engagement. CMS systems like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal have preset themes that are cost-effective and easy to integrate with other tools.

According to the latest research by Google, mobile-friendly websites not only help in SEO but makes the pages rank better since the websites are mobile-responsive.

Hack 2: Optimize page speed

Once the website is mobile friendly, the next things businesses need to concentrate on is optimizing the page speed. Customers get frustrated and leave the page if it takes too long to load. It’s always best to keep your customers delighted with pages that get loaded in just a blink. Use tools that are readily available like Google’ PageSpeed which tests website pages and let you know how fast the pages are loading.

Hack 3: Impressive content

Once you plan to run an online business, it’s important to put impressive content on your website. Businesses can write articles in the form of blogs, case studies, infographics, videos, whitepapers, etc. that are industry-specific and related to what you currently do.

Content is written must be relevant, informative and exclusive making the readers wanting to know more about your products and how your business can help them. Content marketing, content promotion strategies need to be planned well ahead. This means you will have to include backlinks and internal linking in articles which makes your ranking go higher in Google and other search engines.

Hack 4: Keywords

Keyword is as simple as what your customers type in the search engine for the results to be shown. The content created as spoken in Hack 3 must contain these keywords which people normally use to search. By using keywords, website ranking improves resulting in increased traffic to the website. But you also need to keep in mind not to overuse the keywords in your content or you may get penalized for keyword stuffing.

Hack 5: Social media platform

80% of the population spend a huge amount of time on social media platforms through their smartphones. Businesses can create campaigns and run it across social media platforms. These campaigns do not require the use of expensive digital tools to make campaigns more effective. You can keep the audience engaged through Videos. Social media platforms like Twitter have videos views up to 90% which makes social media platform one of the best ways for lead generation.

Hack 6: SMS and Email Marketing

Messages have a 98% open rate. Businesses can leverage Cloud service providers to engage the audience through messages and emails. Messages convey story precisely and businesses can include website links to redirect users. Email marketing is another way businesses can reach their customers by letting the audience know about their business and providing website links which will redirect them to website.  When businesses used Cloud-messaging platforms and Email marketing, it’s essential that the website is mobile-friendly since most of the users check the links provided directly from their smartphones.

Cloud-messaging platforms now empower businesses to reach their customers easily on their smartphone and keep them engaged. Hence it’s all the more essential for businesses to optimize their websites and make it mobile-friendly.

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Now that you know the required hacks to optimize Mobile marketing, let us know what SEO hacks do you use to improve mobile marketing by posting your comments below!

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