Prestivalore and Kaleyra

28 Jan, 2021

Effective communication is what makes a finance company successful and gives them a competitive advantage. Through CPaaS solutions, Banks and financial organizations can efficiently enhance customer interactions and improve their experience by providing seamless communication and regularly updated information to their customers. Solutions like WhatsApp Business API for messaging allow finance organizations to manage everything on the cloud, giving them a holistic view of their business communications, thereby helping them serve their customers better, accelerate growth, and enhance their image.

PrestiValore, an Italy-based credit lending company, wanted to streamline the remote lending process and resolve many of its communication challenges with a robust communication platform to swiftly address its customers’ queries and help them obtain loans in a hassle-free manner. Kaleyra, a global cloud-based communication platform, perfectly matched its requirements and provided an apt solution to improve PrestiValore’s communication with its users.