Kaleyra Helps Aviation Giant AirAsia Offer Smooth Travel Experience To Its Customers

One of the most important goals of any business is building a strong brand. This results in long-term returns for the business. The aviation industry is no different. Branding has become one of the key modules for the success of any business. To achieve impeccable branding, businesses must first and foremost concentrate on providing a smooth customer experience which is nothing short of a milestone to achieve branding thus improving success. With steep competition in the airline industry and flying becoming more stressful, it is very important to differentiate themselves from competitors The only way to achieve this is with seamless communication with end-users making travel a bit more exciting. According to research, almost 40% of the passengers choose a particular airline based on their punctuality and customer experience.

Pricing comes surprisingly as second on the list while choosing an airline. With so much emphasis on the user experience, bridging the communication gap through the latest technology becomes very essential. Cloud Telephony is one such technology that aims to build customer relationships by helping businesses to provide top-notch communication services thus playing a key role in enhancing customer experience. The end result of which is branding and a loyal customer base. By providing timely updates by using Cloud telephony messaging or voice services, businesses can definitely showcase their strengths and move beyond the expected requirements from the airline industry and open new opportunities for customers to have a smooth travel experience.

About AirAsia

AirAsia is one of the leading low cost airline that operates extensively both domestically and internationally. One of the largest airlines in all of Asia in terms of number of passengers carried, AirAsia services an extensive network of 85+ desti- nations.

On an average, commercial airlines carry more than 3.8 billion passengers per year, with AirAsia carrying a whop- ping 10.65 Million passengers. Staring with just two, Air Asia has grown its fleet to currently 123 aircrafts. AirAsia was named the World’s Best Low Cost Airline in the annual World Airline Survey by Skytrax for four consecutive years, from 2009 to 2012. The airline has established its operations in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and Japan.

This is accompanied by AirAsia X, its low-cost long-haul affiliate carrier that currently flies to destinations in China, Australia, Taiwan, Nepal, Korea and Japan. Air Asia’s mission is to attain the lowest cost so that everyone can fly with AirAsia and maintain the highest quality product, embracing technology to reduce cost and enhance service levels. With the emphasis strongly on technology, it truly has tried to implement it every step of the way.

It is with this same intention that AirAsia opened up its possibilities to explore Cloud Telephony solutions to bridge the communication gaps between customers and airline personnel. Scroll down to know how Kaleyra helps AirAsia reach customers on their phones with simple, innovative, state of the art Cloud telephony solutions.

Challenges faced by Leading airline provider

AirAsia being a low cost airline concentrated on providing lowest prices making airline travel affordable to large masses but had the goal of not compromising on customer service. With a highly trained and motivated staff, AirAsia was gaining first mover advantage. But pretty soon due to the growing number of passengers, the airline travel provider started witnessing frequent delay in flights.

It also was facing issues related to real-time communication when it came to informing customers about flight delays or any other information related to their travel. The lack of infrastructure to provide real-time communication to its passengers hit the brand’s image in a major way impacting its goal of achieving customer satisfaction

Having started its airline services in India in 2013, AirAsia was looking to resolve many of its communication issues with a technologically advanced platform that could not only handle the growing number of passengers but a reliable secure platform that did not add to their growing costs in India.

Kaleyra, at the time known as Solutions Infini, fit the criteria for providing an innovative futuristic solution to bridge the business communication gaps with its Cloud messaging and voice solutions. Being one of the fastest growing startups at the time, Kaleyra understood the difficulties that the low cost airline provider was facing and offered messaging and voice solutions.

Solutions that helped AirAsia grow to the next level

Kaleyra’s cloud communication solutions helps businesses of all sizes across the world and helps provide real-time communication through its messaging and voice solutions. Kaleyra’s user friendly platform along with advanced dashboard makes it easier for businesses to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

A strong network operator connection across 190+ countries and a zero hop connection ensures timely delivery of messages making it one of the most reliable cloud telephony providers in the market. Kaleyra offered AirAsia with Alerts and Promotional messaging solutions to help improve customer satisfaction by allowing them to be informed about the airlines services every step of the way. Collectively known as Notifications, it aims at providing a complete messaging solution for all business needs.

Kaleyra’s Alert Platform

Alerts platform allowed AirAsia to communicate about payment reminders, booking details, flight information, change in flight schedule, delays faced etc. through a unique SENDER ID.

Through its efficient delivery channel, AirAsia was able to communicate to its passengers through Kaleyra’s platform anytime and anywhere across the world without having to worry about geographical barriers or DND filters.

Since Kaleyra has a wide network connectivity with around 800+ operators globally it made it easier for the airline giant to depend on Kaleyra for its timely delivery of messages informing customers about every change in a seamless way.

Kaleyra’s Promo Platform

Promotional messaging services by Kaleyra helped AirAsia to reach a larger target audience with text based message marketing solutions. Kaleyra’s promotional messages allowed the airline provider to send messages and inform customers about its latest offers, services, meal discounts, web checkins etc. With a 9AM to 9PM window, AirAsia could communicate with its customers in their most active time and reach them in a faster, effective way.

This helped the airline giant to plan marketing campaigns in a better way and also track progress of the campaigns with the advanced analytics and detailed real-time provided by Kaleyra giving AirAsia a clear picture to measure the success rate of the campaigns and plan better for future campaigns.

Kaleyra’s Voice Platform

If providing messaging solution was one way to help AirAsia achieve customer satisfaction, Kaleyra’s voice platform helped the low-cost airline provider takes their hospitality and services to a whole new level. Through voice services like Interactive Voice response (IVR) and Outbound dialing (OBD), AirAsia helped its customers to reach them anytime and get the queries attended to.

Kaleyra’s IVR Studio

Kaleyra’s IVR studio helped AirAsia to engage its customers through high quality voice calls and provide a personalized experience. Kaleyra’s IVR allows to design call flows and customize the call flow according to business requirements. Optimized routing offered by Kaleyra’s IVR helps AirAsia to route calls with less waiting time and to the right agent every time.

The multiple drag and drop widgets reduces manual intervention and helps automate most of the manual processes thereby increasing call center efficiency, improving agent productivity resulting in superior customer experience.

Through Kaleyra’s IVR studio, AirAsia was able to bridge language barriers using the multi-language support options. Intel- ligent analytics helped AirAsia to monitor customer support agents and team performance in real-time through detailed reports and advanced graphical analytics along with call recordings.

Kaleyra’s IVR allowed AirAsia to connect with customers in a secure way by providing agent access roles that allows the defined set of people with unique permissions. It not only creates a flexible option for agents to update their availability status, it helped managers, admins to monitor call center performance and agent status easily and distribute calls equally without overburdening a single agent.

Kaleyra’s Outbound Dialing

AirAsia uses Kaleyra’s outbound dialing to send reminder about travel plans to passengers, receive feedback about queries resolved by customer support centre, survey and feedback on travel experience with AirAsia. Outbound dialing helps AirAsia get instant customer feedback thereby helping them serve its customer better and provide world class travel experience to its esteemed customers.

Kaleyra’s outbound dialing helps reduce manual work and increase team efficiency by automating many important business communications and helping their customer support team increase efficiency and thus showcasing itself as a premium brand that has gained customer loyalty.

Outcome of solutions provided by Kaleyra

By using cloud telephony platform to address its business communication, AirAsia was able to reach its passengers in real time and keep them updated about any changes in their travel schedule making it the most preferred Airline for 10.6 million passengers. With Advanced dashboard for messaging platform available, it became easy for AirAsia to monitor its complete performance with respect to business communication in one single platform.

AirAsia can now see number of messages sent, delivered, credits available and apply various filters, send customized messages to its clients and track reports easily. AirAsia sends 3 Million messages on an average every month and does not have to worry about scaling issues since Kaleyra’s platform has grown to accommodate the ever growing customer base of the airline provider with its robust cloud platform.

By using Kaleyra’s IVR, AirAsia is able to handle millions of calls seamlessly catering to millions of passengers. The easy set up and cost effective IVR by Kaleyra helped AirAsia to increase first call resolution and cater to customer needs faster through various features of IVR like smart routing, sticky agent etc. and build lasting customer relations. This not only improved the call center efficiency but made AirAsia the most often chosen airline for travel needs by its trusted passengers.

“Kaleyra has been the one of the best tool we have used till now. They provide a great and efficient service always and team is always approachable.”


Lead - Customer Experience, AirAsia

Taking it a step further

AirAsia being very happy with the quality of service and innovative products offered by Kaleyra in the Indian subcontinent, chose the cloud telephony provider to handle its messaging requirements at a global level with Kaleyra’s Global messaging platform.

Having seen the reliable 24×7 customer support service, Kaleyra’s ever growing cloud platform was exactly what this airline carrier needed to achieve a seamless customer communication across the globe.

“Dear Guest, your AirAsia PNR is xxxxxxx for flight I5 xx DEL-xxx25 Aug 09:55. Manage booking and check-in via or our app.”

Key Takeaways

A cloud-based global communication platform helps business communication simple yet effective which is exactly what Kaleyra aims to do. By integrating third party applications or using the provider platform, cloud telephony messaging and voice solutions definitely gives businesses the edge over its competitors in achieving customer satisfaction.

Embracing technology to reduce costs and enhance customer experience is possible only through business automation offered by the Cloud telephony providers. Cloud based platform helps businesses to focus on their product innovation while the former takes care of the business communication thus bringing high returns of profits and ultimate customer satisfaction.

Why wait for businesses to face branding and customer satisfaction issues? Try Kaleyra’s innovative Cloud based business communication platform today to help take your business a giant leap ahead towards achieving 100% customer satisfaction in seamless way. To know more about our services and products, drop us an email at sales@kaleyra.com or visit our website www.kaleyra.com to schedule a demo today. We will be glad to assist you.


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