BI Worldwide builds stakeholder engagement through Kaleyra

As firms today are continuously expanding their operations for an ever-growing customer base, the need for a platform that can effectively manage all business communication is rapidly rising. By replacing the traditional phones system   with a smarter, quicker and more efficient call handling
system on the cloud, businesses can transform their customer’s journey and guides them at each step along with their  purchasing decision.
Cloud-based phone systems pave way for businesses to do a lot more, at a faster pace. This translates to regular and efficient customer interactions with a faster time to market. Be it building customized Interactive Voice Response (IVR)systems that accurately route calls, keeping stakeholders’ personal numbers private through call masking, or helping your team leads asses and track agents’ performance, Cloud Telephony is the omnichannel platform that will help you understand every specific need of your customers.
Cloud Telephony solutions create a systematic process of handling incoming customer queries, allowing firms to strategically enter new markets, facilitate communication with a large customer base and simultaneously increase profits.

A global engagement agency, BI Worldwide collaborates with
firms to develop measurable solutions that keep employees,
channel partners and customers engaged and loyal to brands. It
provides a complete guide to building ever-lasting relationships
with various stakeholders through employee engagement, sales
incentives, channel loyalty, events management and customer
Headquartered at Bengaluru, BI Worldwide is a multinational
corporation that has grown exponentially and serves over 2000
clients in 125 countries with assistance in 20+ languages. With
this success BI Worldwide soon realized that market demand
was only going to increase further from here. To meet this
demand they had to scale future business strategies and
customer communication.
With this level of scaling, it became challenging to manage such
a large and diverse customer base spread out all across the
globe. Managing the varying needs of different stakeholders
which included sending regular updates and handling queries
related to travel incentives, employee rewards eLearing, order
status, card registration and every other detailed needed to
create smooth, hassle-free interactions, became demanding as
their customers increased.

Obstacles to complete stakeholder engagement

BI worldwides’ success in the Indian market and expansion into new ones came with the need to shift their business communication onto a platform that was scalable and could channelize a flow to customer interactions.Every call missed or customer query that goes unresolved is a lost opportunity for a firm to increase customer satisfaction and build ever-lasting relationships. Even though scaling up business operations, infrastructure and hardware sounds like the most obvious solution, the efforts go in vain if the customer’s needs are not met immediately. Through its intelligent messaging and voice solutions, Kaleyra helped BI Worldwide engage its customers right from the start through personalized interactions that could take place at any time, from anywhere.

Kaleyra takes communication to the cloud

Its future-ready platform provided a strategic plan to create a smart, seamless communication plan through cloud
telephony solutions that automated the whole process. By providing a robust voice and messaging platform that
created innovative solutions for BI Worldwide’s specific business needs, Kaleyra helped them drive measurable results
for clients around the world.
With their phone system now on cloud, they could access, manage and monitor call flows virtually, without facing any
restrictions on growth. Introducing BI Worldwide to the next generation of business communication, Kaleyra provided
a unique solutions for each limitation that could occur during their communication process.


Kaleyra’s next-generation telecommunication services are changing the way businesses communicate. Reducing costs and increasing customer interactions hand in hand, it provides a high ROI for businesses that are rapidly adopting its products. With a 99.9% uptime and low latency rate, firms can be assured that they can easily handle customer queries by sending them constant updates, alerts, reminders, etc. to address their problem before it arises instead of waiting from them to call in.


By sending alerts, BI Worldwide can reach customers at their convenience without having to worry about DND filters. Kaleyra enables sending messages through an efficient delivery channel to communicate with their customers and keep them constantly updated about
their bank transactions, send details regarding order status, cancellation, customer support tickets, etc.
BI Worldwide uses Alerts services provided by Kaleyra to send passwords for login which acts like a One-time  Passwords (OTPs) to had an additional layer of authentication to make the login process secure, keep information private and allow access only from authorized users.

Promotional messages

Kaleyra sends over 500 messages per day. With this vast capacity, BI Worldwide was easily able to inform customer about ongoing promotional offers, discounts, marketing campaigns, etc. via text messages to increase traffic, brand engagement and initiate the purchasing decision.
Promotional messages serve as a cost-effective way to inform customers and keep them posted about products, services, ongoing offers, promotions,  provide discounts, etc. It helped BI Worldwide plan and assess the success of their message marketing campaigns.

Unicode Messages

Through Unicode Messages BI Worldwide was able to provide a personalized experience to its customers worldwide by interacting with them in 87+ language options. Kaleyra’s multi-language support creates an opportunity to expand into any city in the world and still provide the global customers, local service by gaining their trust and bridging communication barriers. 


Kaleyra’s intelligent Voice solutions can be set-up in 60 seconds to help reduce operational costs by switching to a cloud platform, providing businesses with the flexibility to allocate resources optimally. With a strong connection with more than 800 network operators across 190+ countries, Kaleyra’s voice platform gives businesses a competitive edge in creating strong relationships that help to retain existing customers and attract new ones.

Click 2 Call

While reading through BI Worldwide’s website that provides extensive information about its services, several instances might arise where customers would want more details about a service or have concerns about a particular aspect of it. In such situations, Kaleyra’s Click 2 Call feature served as a medium that allowed interested customers to reach BI Worldwide in a fraction of a second. This portrays an image of a firm, eagerly waiting to help customers and connect them with a representative, instantly to do so. Through this technology, BI Worldwide was able to make a significant difference in sales and quickly resolve support tickets. In addition to enhancing customer satisfaction, generating leads, and increasing sales, adding Click 2 Call features also helped it enhance its brand image and support agents working in Customer Relationship Management. Kaleyra offers an integrative dialer that allows agents to automatically make outbound calls. In such a way, agents can take notes during the call, automatically log calls, use voice mail, etc. through the same platform. This saves time, minimizes errors, and makes representatives better equipped to address a customer’s needs.

Toll-free Numbers

Through toll-free number, BI Worldwide could increase brand recognition by allowing customers to reach them at any time for free without incurring
personal costs. Kaleyra allows businesses to gain programmatic control over their calls and use their Toll-free number for outbound marketing
campaigns and route return calls to contact center or IVR. Businesses can port an existing number or choose from massive inventory list. The numbers
provided by Kaleyra are aged and quarantined, screened, and tested effectively to eliminate occurrences of cross talk from previous users. Once
you choose the number, you can add as many numbers as businesses choose and start making and receiving calls from anywhere anytime.

Kaleyra takes customer interactions to the next step

Kaleyra provided a platform that guided BI Worldwide to provide professional call quality and SMS updates which helped create meaningful conversations between their stakeholders. Growing with BI Worldwide at each step, Kaleyra helped build customer relations all around the world without any hindrances. Today, BI Worldwide sends 3 Million messages per month through Kaleyra’s platform, increasing efficiency by 25%. All of this was made possible through one platform that enhances agent productivity, created intelligent call routing, reduced turnaround time and increased
the overall productivity of the firm.

Key Takeaways

Through cloud telephony businesses can now cater to a large customer base without creating the need for any additional infrastructure or increasing costs. It ensures that businesses send information to clients in real-time through messaging and voice that add new features to their contact center and
create a delightful experience for their customers.

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