From an Italian start up to a Public international Company: Kaleyra tells its journey to CNBC

From an Italian start up to a Public international Company: Kaleyra tells its journey to CNBC
Posted on Mar 13

CNBC interviews Dario Calogero, CEO and Founder of Kaleyra, to better understand the reason why the company chose to be listed at Wall Street

March 13, 2019 | CNBC – Silvia Berzoni

Silvia Berzoni, Journalist of CNBC asks some questions to Dario who explains Kaleyra’s Journey. Here below an extract of the interview.

Silvia Berzoni: “Before talking about the business combination between Kaleyra and GigCapital, please explain, also with practical examples, Kaleyra business so that everyone can have clear in mind who you are and what you do.”

Dario Calogero: “Kaleyra is a company that helps enterprises to communicate with their customers using Mobile Cloud Technology for Messaging and Voice: solutions for sms, push notification, instant messaging, email and voice services. Through our technology, the customer can interact directly with the brand using the smartphone (talking with a server). So, what we offer are interactive and conversational services for companies that want to reach out to their customers in an simple and immediate way”.

Silvia Berzoni: “Your debut at NYSE is in the second half of 2019. Why did you choose the American Stock Exchange for that operation?”

Dario Calogero: “We started a journey to become a Public Company and after having explored different possibilities in Europe, we realized that our industry CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service) exists only in the American Stock Exchange. So last summer me and my family moved to New York to find the best way to be listed at the New York Stock Exchange, and during that process I met Avi Katz, Founder of GigCapital located in Palo Alto, Silicon Valley, and we decided to combine the two companies.

This operation would allow us to become a Public Company at New York Stock Exchange in the second half of 2019”.

Silvia Berzoni: “Why not the Italian Stock Exchange?”

Dario Calogero: “The Italian Stock Exchange is really effective and interesting and in fact, from 2015 we have been certified for Elite at the Italian Stock Exchange, but the problem is that in Italy there aren’t platform companies like ours and so we would have been the only one at Milan Stock Exchange without comparable. There are no specialists and it means no investors that have knowledge of that industry. For that reason, European stock exchanges, in general, weren’t an option”

Silvia Berzoni: “This choice goes through GigCapital, that is already a Public Company. This allows to accelerate the internationalization process. What is the main contribution of this company?”

Dario Calogero: “GicCapital is a team of entrepreneurs. Avi Kats has been an entrepreneur for the last 20 years in the Silicon Valley and he has made 4 companies listed at Stock Exchange. This is a very strong expertise that he and his Team have in the Capital Market and that was missing in Kaleyra. We are specialists of the industry. We are for sure a company that has reached important dimensions (last year we had a turnover of 100 million dollars), so we can be listed among big platform companies in the world. After this combination the Board of Directors of Kaleyra will be composed by 3 members named by GigCapital, 3 named by Kaleyra and an independent director. We want to leverage that expertise.”

Silvia Berzoni: “Today CNBC interviewed the biggest influencer about the future of technology in the World, Masayoshi Son, SoftBank Founder and CEO. With a VisionFund of 100 billion dollars, he is the biggest investor in the technology market. In the last years his investments had only one key theme: Artificial Intelligence. How Artificial Intelligence can be applied in your industry and business?”

Dario Calogero: “People have been talking about Artificial Intelligence for years. When I worked for Olivetti, in ’87-’88, we already worked on Artificial Intelligence. It is a technology and, as any other technology, it is a tool and its benefit depends on the objective you want to reach and how you want to use it. It is not an aim, but it’s a mean. In our industry of Digital Communication, it has different application fields. In voice services, the Artificial intelligence is relevant, it is called Natural Language Processing and allows to have conversations with a server in a way that emulates a conversation between human beings. On big amounts of data (we manage 2 billion notifications monthly) it is possible to use Machine Learning and Predictive Learning algorithms that allow the development of the product, in a consistent way with human behaviors, that are quite unpredictable.

The Artificial intelligence is for sure a Trend that will change the way enterprises interact with their customers.”