Kaleyra, partner of the Fintech & Insurtech Observatory, attends 2018 results presentation

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Schedule: 11th December 2018

Location: Politecnico di Milano – Italy


The Fintech and Insurance market is deeply evolving thanks to new technologies.

The Digital Transformation is changing the way banking and insurance companies approach to customers and do business.

The Fintech&Insurtech Observatory of Milan studies the innovation that affects this industry and, during the year 2018, conducted research to analyze the evolution of the business.

On 11th December 2018, from 09:30 am to 04:00 pm, at Politecnico di Milano, will take place the Final Convention to present the results of the research.

During the event, the following aspects will be analyzed and discussed:

    • – Digital Innovation in banking and insurance
    • – Open Finance Journey
    • – Italian Fintech & Insurtech startup business model
    • – Digital Wealth Management
    • – Knowledge and usage of Finance & insurance digital services in the Italian SME market
    • – Usage of the innovative banking and insurance channels by Italian customers

The convention is a way for experts of different industries to discuss these topics and share their point of view based on their experiences, giving a strong contribution for future research.

As official partner of the Research of the Fintech & Insurtech Observatory and as a leading-edge company in the mobile messaging business for banking, insurance, large and small-medium enterprises, Kaleyra, represented by Alex Milani, General Manager Europe, will take part into the Fintech and Insurtech Final Convention and will share the deep experience of the company on these matters.

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