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Kaleyra Hexa – Designed to Make Communication Simple. Coming soon!

Kaleyra Hexa – Designed to Make Communication Simple. Coming soon!
By Sakshee Sunil Sarrawgi . 09 Apr 2019 . image 10 min read

Hungry? Order food through an app and have it delivered to your doorstep. It’s raining and you urgently need a ride? Call a cab and it’s there to pick you up in minutes. Have nothing to wear for your friends birthday? Shop online and pick the perfect shirt that can be easily returned if things go wrong. In a time when nothing takes time, why should business communication stay behind?

Yes, the style of communication has changed a lot since the traditional PBX systems but, serving customers who receive goods and services with a few easy steps, sitting at home and thus, are not used to waiting at all, demands much more. Cloud communication has indeed brought businesses a step closer to customers. Communication platforms need to be driven by the latest technology and continuously innovated to provide optimal solutions.

Kaleyra brings to you the next generation communication product- Hexa that offers the complete communication solution. Kaleyra has pioneered in creating, Hexa, an all-in-one cloud communication platform that empowers businesses by allowing them to use the simplest form of communication to connect with their customers. Hexa is exactly what developers, startups and enterprises need to move at the pace of their customers.

What Kaleyra Hexa can do for your business:



Adding contacts

With Kaleyra Hexa, businesses can reach out to large volumes of customers in just a few clicks. Kaleyra increases the reliability of APIs by ensuring a 99.99% success rate and a < 5 millisecond response time. The industry average is 25-40 milliseconds, clearly putting Kaleyra in a different league. With simple parameters, businesses can easily get the API running. Businesses also have the flexibility of importing a list of contacts directly from documents, adding from existing lists or copy pasting.

Message templates

Businesses can insert CTA, shorten URL links, and add documents to enrich their SMS campaigns. Furthermore, you can also save texting time by inserting tags from imported files. Businesses can save templates for later use or create new ones in less than a minute. Messages can also be sent out in the customers’ preferred language, allowing you to come closer to your customers and make communication convenient for them. Predefined templates also save time and help in quickly scaling up your flows.

Preview and Insight

Hexa provides businesses the ability to preview exactly how normal texts and flash messages sent out by the company would look when they are received by the customers. This preview is made available for both iOS and Android. Furthermore, by previewing the campaign, businesses can also get clear cost estimates.
Once, the campaign is finished, it is important to measure it and analyze the results. With Hexa, you can easily get keen insights with details on total SMS sent, total clicks and so on. Furthermore, businesses no longer need to request for campaign reports, they can easily access a single report including information on status, type, author and prices or create a custom report in less than a minute



Easily filter through your entire contact list to reach the right customer or keep track of your customer base. In addition, businesses can also create lists from your contacts to save time in the next targeted campaign. These lists act like groups. You can thus, send messages to multiple senders at once, using the same API.

Activity feed

Get context of individual customers including- contact details, previous call context and more, to allow further customer engagement and better preparation for the next interaction. In such a way, you can provide each customer with a personalized experience.

Flow Builder

Create flows in minutes with a simple drag and drop visual editor. With pre-defined templates for SMS and voice flow, you can ensure that your communication is quick to set up. Furthermore, you can engage customers faster with easy-to-understand drag and drop widgets through which you can easily engage customers during the communication process.


With Kaleyra Hexa, businesses can easily create a fully customizable report with just a few clicks. You can choose from a wide range of report options based on your need. These can include a financial report summary, campaign status, etc., depending on the parameter you set. Moreover, you can get the reports withing in seconds, this means that you have real-time data and can thus, plan future campaigns and set next quarter goals accordingly. You can also schedule the time interval at which you want to receive the reports.


Kaleyra allows you to access global and toll-free numbers in more than 190 countries, helping you to engage with your customers across various channels of communication (SMS, voice, etc.). Businesses don’t have to request numbers and wait for them to be approved. Through Hexa, you can get the number you are looking for- local, international or toll-free, in minutes and immediately connect with your customers.

Additional facilities

You can decide between a short code or long code based on your business need or customer preference. Through number masking, you can protect the identity of your customers and ensure safe transactions. Furthermore, you can operate on a global scale and easily stay connected with customers all over the world through local numbers. This serves a two-fold benefit, customers are more familiar with local numbers and thus, trust you more and you save enormous costs by avoiding international call rates.

Hexa simplifies communication all the way

Some of the major problems faced by businesses that cause hindrances to the communication include long wait time for sender id approval, onboarding process and setting a template. With Hexa, you can easily sign-up online and get running within minutes. You no longer have to wait for managers to see your request, pass it on to the right person and then get it approved. By using our self-help platform you can also easily create sender ids, templates and more yourself.

This is not it! The problem of managing all business communication also came with the burden of managing all business channels on which this communication takes place as well. SMS, Voice, Email, and Chat, are all important to allow customers to connect with you at their convenience, through a platform suitable for them. However, it gets challenging for businesses to manage all the different channels and track every customer interaction taken place.

Hexa is the one-stop solution for all communication needs. It provides a platform with SMS, Voice, Instant Messaging, Numbers and more integrated into one console. You can now reach out to customers on their preferred channel without actually having to switch from one application to another. With seamless communication, you can focus on helping customers by solving queries or providing them further information through your interactions, instead of wasting time trying to figure out how to use the platform that is connecting you to your customer.

This list is not exhaustive. Hexa is particularly designed keeping in mind all the needs of developers, startups and enterprises. Therefore, it directly tackles concerns of all its stakeholders and aims to make all forms of communication as simple as possible. Kaleyra is excited to see the potential this next generation product can create for businesses. So stay tuned to learn about how you can optimize this platform and create a unique experience for each customer.


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