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Kaleyra at the Politecnico of Milan event: “KPI & MEASUREMENT STRATEGY IN THE MOBILE ERA”

Kaleyra at the Politecnico of Milan event: “KPI & MEASUREMENT STRATEGY IN THE MOBILE ERA”
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Kaleyra at Mobile B2C Observatory Workshop: “KPI & MEASUREMENT STRATEGY IN THE MOBILE ERA”
On 24th January 2019 from 09:30 to 13:00 at the Politecnico of Milan there is the second workshop organized by the Mobile B2C Strategy Observatory “KPI & MEASUREMENT STRATEGY IN THE MOBILE ERA” – event promoted by the Politecnico.

New technologies, digital transformation, and mobility are changing the way people communicate and do business.

The Mobile B2C Strategy Observatory of Milan has the objective to study the adoption and the maturity of Mobile in Italian enterprises for customers management.

Target of the observatory

The key points of the Observatory for 2019 are:

♦ Understanding the main technology trends on the Smartphone Market, such as Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Chat-botand how they impact on the business of Italian enterprises;

♦ Studying the adoption of the Mobile in Italy during all the purchasing process phases (Mobile Advertising, Mobile Promotion, Mobile Commerce, Mobile Payment, Mobile Service), identifying their impact on the business of Italian enterprises;

♦ Studying the impact on the market of Mobile Advertising, trying to estimate the value of the investments and analyzing the main evolution and future trends;

♦ Identifying the main trends in the development and usage of the different Mobile Assets (Messaging, Browsing and App – with a focus on the Wallet) by Italian Enterprises, collecting the KPI related to the Usage of the Mobile Assets by customers;

♦ Estimating the dynamic of the Bulk SMS Volumes;

♦ Understanding the status of the Proximity Marketing in Italian Enterprises;

♦ Analyzing the profile and behavior of the Italian Mobile Surfers and their perception towards the Mobile adoption by the Italian companies along the purchasing process;

♦ Critically understanding the startup scenario (national and international) in the Mobile consumer.

Kaleyra is Partner of the Observatory

Kaleyra, as partner of the Observatory, has the privilege to participate in the event, to be aware of all those trends and taking them into consideration while doing business.

Kaleyra is an important player in the global market for Mobile Advertising, Mobile Payment, Mobile Promotion, Mobile Marketing and Mobile services in general, that offers Messaging services for banking and companies of all size.

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