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Kaleyra announces brand new platform Kaleyra Hexa at MWC 2019 #simpleispowerful

Kaleyra announces brand new platform Kaleyra Hexa at MWC 2019 #simpleispowerful
By Kaleyra . 26 Feb 2019 . image 4 min read

Kaleyra Hexa Simple is Powerful


This week Kaleyra created ripples at the Mobile World Congress 2019.

We introduced Kaleyra Hexa. The all in one omnichannel communication platform with Messaging, Voice, Instant Messaging, Numbers and much more loaded in a single console.

With 2 decades of expertise understanding business communication needs, we focused to make a product which is smart, simple and powerful. A product with a vision, designed to make communication simple – Kaleyra Hexa.

We saw many interested visitors and strong footfall coming in for the demo.


In case you missed here’s everything you need to know to get started on what is Kaleyra Hexa and how it is different from the rest.

1. Campaigns- With campaigns, we reach out to millions of customers in minutes with messaging and voice in just a few clicks. Business person or a developer, the interface and APIs are designed for you.  Learn more

2. Smart Segmentation with Contacts– With Contacts, manage all your contacts in a single hub. Filter contacts to find the best leads for your next business communication. Learn more

3. Simple and Reliable APIs- Our APIs have a success rate of 99.99% with a response time less than 5 milliseconds. With a single API communicate over multiple channels  Try our APIs

4. Setup your communication fast with Flow Builder– Create flows in minutes with a simple drag and drop visual editor. Channelize our predetermined SMS and voice templates to save time Learn more

5. Reports brewed for you– Choose from a wide variety of reports based on your needs and preferences, or create a customized report. Learn more

6. Intelligent network– Our smart routing algorithm ensures industry high delivery rate and speed

Watch Kaleyra Hexa Video

As part of Kaleyra’s early access program

it’s easy now for enterprises, startups, mid-sized companies, and developers to participate and engage with us.

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