Credit Card Chargeback and Dispute Resolution Services

Prevent chargebacks through transparent communication

Chargebacks cost money. Minimize their occurrence by opening up powerful, yet low effort communication channels.

Leverage low-effort channels to encourage customers to reconsider disputing charges






Push Notifications

Pay only for resolved disputes

Lower cost of dispute resolution

Eliminate labor-intensive issue resolution tasks using automated communication via SMS or call.

Improve customer satisfaction

Reduce wait times and raise NPS by quickly and easily surfacing information that customers are looking for.

Leverage predictability

Aggregate data from your sources and couple it with programmed responses for dispute queries to recover revenue smoothly.

Use team resources efficiently

Let automation take care of the simple, yet time sapping queries so your agents can direct their attention to more complex queries.

Deliver communications with confidence

Personalized Message Templates

Easily deliver personalized messages to many users across multiple channels, based on customer preference.

Simple Integrations

Our technology can complement and function hand-in-hand with your existing infrastructure and fraud detection systems.

Security and Compliance

We understand that customer data and privacy are top-priority.



Banks are already using cloud solutions to power customer communication.

Verified SMS

Gain consumer trust using Google’s sender verification technology.

Strengthen relationships with your consumers, stand out from the crowd and boost the engagement of your SMS campaigns.

Communication APIs

Simple and powerful, so you can build for scale.

Set the rules and watch the system do the heavy lifting. From sending SMS alerts to scheduling outbound call notifications to connect with your customers, we’ve got you covered.

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The Kaleyra Advantage

The Kaleyra Advantage


You likely won’t need our support team, but we’re right here if you do.


We offer enterprise-grade security to customers in highly-regulated sectors.


Our technology allows growing any communication channel, without limits.

 Proven Communications Technology

Operator Connections
API Uptime
27 Billion
Messages, 2019
3 Billion
Voice Calls, 2019

We’re ready to help you design the perfect communication experiences for your customers.