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Enterprises can customize each customer interaction through Kaleyra Hexa

Enterprises can customize each customer interaction through Kaleyra Hexa
By Sakshee Sunil Sarrawgi . image 7 min read

With the launch of Hexa, Kaleyra introduces the first omnichannel communication platform that has the potential to completely change the way businesses communicate and create an ideal customer experience. Hexa can instantly be deployed and gives businesses, all around the world, infinite flexibility. This means that businesses now have the valuable opportunity of customizing every element of the customer interaction process, including communication channels, agent routing, greetings, languages and much more.


Business communication plays the most important role in both attracting new customers and strengthening relationships with existing ones. However, as customer needs and preferences change unexpectedly, with the availability of new technology and communication channels, companies struggle to keep up. This struggle is a result of various concerns that come along with adopting the latest technology and innovating continuously. These include the costs of upgrading, the need for expertise about the service infrastructure, etc. This is why Kaleyra takes this responsibility. We are here to provide you with the most powerful and technologically driven communication platform there is, so all you really have to do is sign-up for Hexa, and we’ll take care of all your customers’ new needs.

While developers, startups, and enterprises have one common goal of creating the best possible customer experience, they work towards achieving this goal in different ways. After looking from and understanding the perspective of all stakeholders, we have created Hexa, a platform that is the answer to all your communication questions. Here are some key features that can strategically be used by enterprises to stay ahead of the competition:

Efficiently handle a large customer base

Kaleyra’s dynamic platform has the capability of sending 1 million messages parallelly. Furthermore, Hexa can handle a large volume of customers and still maintain its API response time of lesser than 5 milliseconds. Through Hexa’s omnichannel, businesses can communicate with customers through the communication channel of their preference be it- SMS, Voice, Flow Builder or any other. Furthermore, all channels can be managed through one platform, seamlessly, allowing you to communicate with customers, at their convenience and also make the work of your agents easier.

Easy management of Sender IDs


It is sometimes overwhelming to track all business communication taking place from and to an enterprise. For example, it becomes difficult to identify which team used which Sender ID to send a specific message. Sender IDs are the name  (company, brand or product name) that appears on your customers’ phone when you contact them. Get full details about how Kaleyra can provide you the best Sender ID for boosting your brand image.

With Hexa, you have all the important details readily available on one platform. Furthermore, businesses could only use Sender IDs for promotional messages, now you can use the same ID for both marketing and transactional messages and create a unique identity for your business, as you communicate with millions of customers out there. Having one platform for all channels comes with several other benefits. You no longer need to verify your Sender IDs for both Voice and SMS accounts. You can also instantly create or delete a Sender ID, yourself, without needing to contact anyone for help or read lengthy manuals to understand the procedure.

Customization for business needs and better customer experience

Hexa offers easy user interface customization for each step of the communication process. Enterprises can add channels, specific features like click-to-call and even customize their reports according to their business need. You no longer need to contact the person in charge, request for reports and receive standardized ones. You can easily do all this through the platform. By specifying parameters like report view, time frame and more, you get access to the report with the exact data you are looking for. Furthermore, by choosing the time interval at which you would like to get the reports, you don’t have to request for one every single time but can get it automatically.


The customization doesn’t stop here.

You can create a personalized experience for each of your customers. In such a way, the customer feels like they are getting the attention they deserve, value your services and you can easily continue to converse with each customer as if they were the only one. This is done by providing the agents with complete customer details available on his/her screen including:


  • Name, purchase details, purchase frequency birthday, and more, allowing them to know the customer before they even talk to them. Furthermore, the customer no longer has to provide the same details they have already provided in a previous call or to another agent, again. All notes about the customer insights are shared with the agent on call
  • Customer call history, previous call context and more are also available on the agent’s screen. Agents can easily address the customer’s problem, confirm if they have called for the same query mentioned on your caller details and immediately cater to their need
  • With further details about the caller profile, agents can also address them by their name, use the language they prefer and more to enrich their interactions



End-to-end campaign management

Enterprises have a large number of campaigns, a lot of them running simultaneously, and this sometimes gets tedious to manage and track. With Hexa, you can launch campaigns in just a few clicks, reach out millions of customers, get valuable insights and directly measure ROI for each campaign. You can insert CTA, shorten URL links and attach docs to make your SMS campaigns more engaging. In addition, you can also send multilingual messages to reach out to customers in their preferred language, thus, building their trust and comfort with your company. All your campaigns are also listed together. With the click of a button, you can choose which campaign you want further details about or take action on and there you have it.

Remotely communicate with global customers

Hexa enables access to international, local and toll-free numbers in 190+ countries to start engaging with your customers across channels.

In such a way, you not only avoid international call charges but also, increase customer trust in your company by contacting them through local numbers.

With Hexa, we are providing an omnichannel platform that has been created by accumulating all the best practices we’ve learned over the years, which offers a quick set of resolutions and gives businesses unlimited flexibility to design their ideal customer experience. We are bringing this product to you very soon! Wait up for further details on the product launch and till then find information on our Hexa page.







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