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Enterprise-grade features have taken a step ahead with Kaleyra Hexa

Enterprise-grade features have taken a step ahead with Kaleyra Hexa
By Vyshnavi Dabbir . 27 May 2019 . image 8 min read

Enterprises and large scale conglomerates need unmatched security, reliability, consistency and premium support in their integrations from service providers. These needs are enhanced especially when the service is as big as “communication” which takes up a major proportion of their business revenue, enterprises cannot compromise on quality.


Kaleyra Hexa is that service, that stands as the flagship product of Kaleyra operating on the concept ‘simple is powerful’. Well, with Hexa it’s easy! Especially for enterprises that run large campaigns and need a reliable provider with uncompromisable features, Hexa is the solution.

Enterprise-grade features

Everyone in the market talks about enterprise-grade features, but what really are they? How do they differ from other applications? How do you know if you are actually working with a service provider that provide enterprise-friendly features? Well, read on to know in detail about them:

Security as the key

Enterprises can’t risk their data. Having said that, there are large bundles of data that enterprises store, sometimes fragmented and sometimes not, but in the end, security is something that enterprises can never compromise on. If your service provider claims that the application is secure and good for enterprises to use then you might want to check on features like end-to-end encryption. Yes, there’s no point if you are using an application that’s not encrypted, which means that the data you are using can be read, accessed and modified by the service provider. With Kaleyra Hexa, there’s no such risk. We made sure that the application and each page that you use is 128 bit SSL encrypted end-to-end, leaving no room for vulnerabilities.

Premium Support round the clock

Enterprises require premium support, staying in long queues to connect to a customer support representative is not what they expect from a service provider. One of our customer research surveys states that almost 90% of enterprises seek instant support in case of any queries or a state of contingency. They are willing to opt for high range plans, provided the support teams function well and resolve their queries. Enterprises also work from multiple locations and different timezones, and hence it is important to provide round the clock service so that they know you are reachable on demand.

Custom Integrations

Every enterprise has a list of tools and applications that they work on and they would prefer to integrate with custom applications to communicate with their customers. This works both as a hosted model as well as a third party integration. The APIs from the service provider should be powerful to fit an enterprise application. The response time of an API should be quick as almost immediate, otherwise, it wouldn’t make sense for an enterprise to work around non-responsive APIs. It’s also important that the service provider should have custom integrations with major CRM and productivity applications for faster customer connections and interactions.

Powerful Algorithms

What is even an application built without a logic? Enterprises seek applications powered by strong algorithms that can perform millions of tasks in a span of milliseconds. They need to know the need of enterprises to hike volumes at any given point in time, the application should be able to take the sudden, unexpected load and perform the required functions seamlessly with zero lags. Any lags in performance or delivery mean that the system is prone to fluctuations and not equipped enough to handle larger volumes of data. To mitigate this risk, you can test the application using a free trial to get a hold on how the UI is, how fast the application is, understand it end-to-end and then take a call.

Omnichannel Platform

How often do service providers provide multiple communication services like SMS, Voice, Email, IMs under a single platform? There definitely are a million service providers out there who offer all the above-mentioned services, but are they really so user-friendly that enterprises can access them from a single console? Not really. This means that though there are multiple services that can be accessed from a uni-provider, they cannot be accessed under a uni-platform. Why? That’s the biggest question Kaleyra solved by introducing Hexa. This is undisputedly our flagship product that enterprises can access multiple communication channels from a single console.


Now imagine, enterprises can use SMS and Voice from a single console. Let’s say there are X number of customers who need to be sent an SMS and if they don’t respond, they need to be reminded with a follow-up call. Ideally, with other service providers, enterprises would need to send SMS from a console with one set of credentials, then log into another console with another set of credentials. To eliminate this pain point, Hexa is built. With Hexa, enterprises can log into a single console and send SMS to those X customers and also create a flow builder to initiate calls, in case they do not respond.


It is high time, enterprises choose service providers who constantly innovate with futuristic concepts and beat the race of time to stand out as pioneers in building something new. After all, the near future is the new present!

Roles & Permissions

Enterprises can have large teams, sometimes even in thousands. And each team has a role in building a product. Let’s consider the new product development process. A product research team first does research on the industry, market conditions, customer expectations, and various other criteria. Then the requirement is taken to the development team where they code and develop an application. Then the testers test it, the documentation team documents it and the product goes live after which the marketing team markets it. There are more than five teams involved here. Each member has a role and permissions associated with the role.


For large scale enterprises, where the number of teams is many and the size of the teams is large, they certainly require to assign roles to the user. A good service provider understands minute complexities of such teams and the valuable information associated with it and provides task, grade and capacity level filters to provide access and assign roles. Managers of different grades can be created and each manager can have sub-managers, they can further have associates and junior associates, or you can create a flat structure of a simple manager and associate. Based on the enterprise requirements, there should be customizations available with regards to managing accesses.

API Support

Enterprises would not just need user-friendly applications but also supporting API to perform operations at multiple scales. Faster and seamless APIs increase the chances of enterprises choosing a particular service provider over another. API with quicker response time, lower latency and faster callbacks are always major criteria for enterprises. An API can help integrate two different applications and helps achieve things, without the hassle of logging into applications or learning self-help tools. All you need is an API that performs exactly what the application does. If there’s an API that can send SMSes to customers from Google Spreadsheets, then why not? Enterprises don’t have to import large data from their database to send an SMS that way. Also, there could be millions of applications that an enterprise can use, different teams could use different applications and consolidating them together to form a unified resource is commonly almost impossible. But if an API could work in all those applications then it just eases up the sophisticated technologies that enterprises use.

Detailed & Summary Reports

Imagine the number of customers an enterprise can have? Probably in the millions right, or sometimes even in billions. Now let’s imagine that an enterprise sends SMS communication to a set of customers. The sales team of the enterprise would want to understand the number of leads who clicked on the SMS. The finance team might need information on the cost associated while sending the SMS campaign. The marketing team might want to understand user behavior while the information management team might want to get data on the undelivered or fraudulent numbers from the list. Each team might have different needs from an SMS report and service providers need to get hands-on customization to provide tailor-made reports that cater to the requirements of each team. With Hexa, you can choose your own report from the default templates, or you can create a custom report with a set of parameters. Enterprises can choose to get a simple summary report of a campaign or a detailed report.

Compliance to regulations

Enterprises require a service provider who is well aware of the constant changes that regulatory bodies bring in to the practice and is complaint to those practices. Enterprises do not want a breach in those regulatory terms that end up in a legal crisis. A service provider with a global presence who takes regulations and their policies seriously is all an enterprise needs. Each country might have a different regulatory policy and sometimes, what’s right in one country could be wrong and a penalty in another. Enterprises need a filter for these regulations at an application level, where when there’s a breach, the application alerts them to do the necessary iterations so that the messages are 100% compliant to the audience receiving those messages.

Globally accessible solutions

Enterprises need a service provider who is globally available. Strong operator connections across the globe is a must for enterprises for them to maintain that scalability and reachability. Many enterprises are global and require a local presence where they want to send a communication in their native language by using a most reputed operator in that region. Regional presence and globally accessible platforms are a must for enterprises to ensure that their messages are sent seamlessly using the fastest network channels.

This brings us to the end of what enterprises really need in a communication application and a cloud service provider. Hexa is a perfect solution for enterprises who are looking at reliability, flexibility, speed, and the lowest latency.




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