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Cloud communication empowers e-commerce industry

Cloud communication empowers e-commerce industry
By Pooja AV . 15 Sep 2018 . image 4 min read

Increased smartphone usage has opened doors for new business opportunities. E-commerce specially is a booming industry. With a busy lifestyle, most people prefer online shopping as against visiting the store to store to find a perfect outfit or their favorite electronic gadget. A recent Forbes study stated that 53% of the population across the world prefer online shopping through e-commerce portals. This is mainly due to the ease that most customers prefer this mode. Online shopping through e-commerce platforms provide a variety of options, saves travel time, traffic woes, etc. It is one of the fastest growing industries currently with $2.3 trillion sales in 2017 and expected to grow two-fold by 2021. According to a report by Statista, $4.5 trillion is the expected revenue through E-commerce platforms.

E-commerce platforms are extremely popular not only because of the multitude of options but because of the ease with which orders can be placed and managed with just the click of a button. Be it order shipping, returns, exchange or refund, customers are informed every step of the way. So how do these e-commerce businesses achieve customer communication in real-time and offer high user experience?

Cloud Telephony solutions are the real game changer that has taken business communication to the next level and empowered these e-commerce businesses to bridge gaps and enable seamless customer experience. Cloud-based communication systems like that of Kaleyra manage end-to-end business communications through messaging and voice platforms helping these e-commerce businesses to increase sales, revenue and achieve customer satisfaction at the same time.

How does Cloud Telephony empower E-commerce industry?

Every e-commerce platform aims at engaging customers on their platform in a way that will be profitable for business and wins customer loyalty towards the brand. More than 67% of the millennials prefer shopping online according to Statista. Cloud telephony with its technologically sound platform at any given time can deliver billions of messages in a month and trigger millions of voice calls through its cloud platform.

By using Cloud telephony e-commerce businesses can:

1.Offer personalization

Customers are always on the lookout for brands that makes extra efforts to keep the customers happy and ensure their shopping experience is smooth. They also expect timely communication across channels which Cloud telephony achieves.

Be it through messaging, voice or email, Cloud telephony providers offer easy to use products that help businesses reach customers in a more personalized way. You can mention their name and reach them on their registered mobile number/email id in case of any queries or concerns that the customer might have which creates a positive and lasting impression.

2. Enhance customer support

Apart from business personalization, Cloud telephony also helps e-commerce businesses in enhancing their support team productivity through flexible IVR solutions or automate time-consuming repeated queries with Outbound dialing. Customers do not wish to repeat their queries to multiple agents or keep on hold for longer duration period.

Cloud telephony makes your support team function smarter using the solutions which ensure reduced waiting period for customers, a faster resolution to queries, with call notes customers do not have to repeat their queries. It gives a detailed history on the issue faced by the customer so that the support agent can understand and help the customer with the query in a faster, effective way.

3. Cloud messaging platform

Right from the time a customer places an order to receiving feedback about service and quality provided by the brand, Cloud telephony supports e-commerce businesses end-to-end. Be its order confirmation, order shipping status, delivery, return, refund, cancellation, appointments, booking related queries, Cloud-based communication platform send timely updates to customers through messages that land directly in their customer’s inbox.

Businesses also use Cloud messaging platforms to inform customers about promotional campaigns, offers, discounts which is one of the easiest ways to reach a large target audience.

4. Cloud voice platform

IVR solutions, Number masking, Outbound dialing, Click 2 Call, Virtual numbers, Toll-free numbers, etc. a whole mega-list of Voice solutions helps e-commerce businesses provide voice based support to its customers. IVR allows customizing call flows such that calls can be transferred easily to the right department and achieve first call resolution. Number masking ensures customers privacy is protected by masking their personal number and connecting them through a virtual number that is active temporarily.

With Cloud voice platforms, businesses can attend to their customers anytime, anywhere without having to worry about geographical barriers.

Click 2 Call voice solutions gives the functionality of a call center to business and allows customers to drop their numbers on the website and connect with them in just click of a button. This also acts as a great lead-generation and sales conversion tool.

Cloud contact center helps businesses get a complete overview of call center functionality and improve customer service.

5. Data and Analytics

One of the biggest advantages Cloud telephony provides is transparency in terms of real-time data and detailed analytics. At any given point, businesses can easily log in and check the number of messages delivered on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. With Voice platform, businesses can easily track repetitive queries, a number of calls received, live call monitoring, call conferencing, call recordings which can be used as training materials to train agents and improve productivity as well. Such detailed metrics was not possible a few years ago.

By enabling Cloud telephony solutions, running marketing campaigns gets easier due to details that is easy to track on how many people have clicked the messages sent, get an understanding of who is the target audience and thus plan future campaigns to achieve maximum ROI.

Cloud telephony solutions by Kaleyra helps businesses reach their customer’s users faster and better. It helps businesses gain intelligent insights about user behavior at a much deeper level, gain feedback through customer surveys and act on them which directly improves brand recognition. Kaleyra’s Cloud-based messaging and voice solutions help bridging business communication gaps that involves multiple stakeholders in real-time in a seamless manner.

Kaleyra’s Messaging and Voice platform is the perfect marketing tool to monitor and track campaigns. It provides a flexible, scalable, reliable and secure platform for businesses to reach their customers in a hassle-free manner. Through its unique solutions. Businesses can now reach their customers faster and get a better response.

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