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Provide Better Customer Experience with Cloud Contact Centers

by | Mar 14, 2019

What use are traditional phone systems that can’t keep up with the larger volume of customers that come with the growth of your business? Don’t let old technology limit your expansion. Cloud-based Contact Centers serve as modern alternatives that enable businesses to continuously stay in touch with customers. You can now go back to focusing on achieving that target market share, that you have been working so hard for. By moving your conversations to the Cloud, you can manage your call center seamlessly and access it from anywhere in the world.

According to a customer experience research conduction by Gartner, a large 43% of customers would stop doing business with a company if they faced instances of poor communication. With Kaleyra’s dynamic APIs, you can anticipate customers’ needs and provide the exact experience they are looking for. By compiling data from several sources you can understand each customer better and create personalized interactions to build long term relationships.

Switching to the cloud to manage your communication can enhance your customer experience exponentially through:

Flexible Scalability

Business needs shift with time, but it is not always possible to scale infrastructure and hardware along with this change. When you relocate your contact center to the cloud you can scale up or down with absolutely no restraints. Need to add more phone lines? Looking to increase agents? Want to connect with your customers in new ways? All of this and more can be achieved through the cloud, enabling you to stay ahead of the curve. Moreover, you can use these features to increase the ideal customer experience with little to no telecommunication insights. Kaleyra’s APIs provide the latest technology that can scale with your business, in real-time. You can now keep customers on top priority even when you have a million other things going.

Global Reach, Local Presence

As you expand into new countries, cloud-based communications allow you to maintain a local presence in each region. With 1,600+ mobile operator connections in more than 190 countries, Kaleyra provides you with local numbers and global connectivity. Moreover, because all your communications are based on the cloud you can get immediate multi-region access and on-demand phone numbers. In such a way you can attend to your global customers, locally. Having regional area codes create the perception of having a local presence for customers, instilling more trust in your company. Kaleyra further localizes your company through additional features like using regional/ customer-preferred languages while you call or message them.

Intelligent Calling

Kaleyra’s powerful voice solutions are equipped with robust functionalities, helping you make sure that every customer is connected to an agent instantly. Based on data from previous customer interactions you can set up your Interactive Voice Response, also known as Flow Builder, to hold the most frequently asked questions as key press options. This not only allows customers to get answers quickly but it also connects them to the agent with the most expertise in that area. This further makes the communication process more efficient by allowing the agent to close more customer query tickets in lesser time. With our Click-to-Call functionality, your customers can reach out to you as and when they have a question or want particular information about what they read on your website. Since they no longer have to leave what they were reading, pick up the phone and dial your number, they are significantly more likely to get in touch with you through one click and enjoy the convenience of immediate answers.

Better Agent Management

You can effectively manage and track all agent activity through Kaleyra’s smart agent tracker. Get detailed agent analytics including the number of calls attended, talk time, call status, failed calls, and more. This consolidated information will allow you to completely take control of your contact centers and manage progress, remotely. You can also use this data to set targets for the next quarters and enhance performance. In case your agent receives a call from a customer who has questions that fall into another department, they can swiftly transfer the call to the respective team. The call can also be transferred to within the team based on agent availability or expertise.

Oversee your Call Center

Every business operates differently. Kaleyra offers you the option of setting your business hour details on your call center, for convenience. So, when a customer calls during non-business hours they are greeted with a polite message guiding them to either call back during work hours or leave a voice message. For quick access, our Android and IOS based Voice Applications let you enter your call center through your phone. This feature can also be leveraged by your agents, allowing them to make, receive and manage calls through their phone, from wherever they are. Your customers benefit from the guarantee of finding a quick solution and agents can enjoy the flexibility of providing their service from anywhere. 

Cloud Contact Centers allow you to reach a wider audience with no additional cost. By improving your call quality and increasing the number of queries resolved per minute, you are one step closer to being the first choice of your customers. To learn more about how you can take your business communication to the next level with Kaleyra, click here.

Sakshee Sunil Sarrawgi

Sakshee Sunil Sarrawgi