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Phone number masking, the complete guide: what, why and how

by | Dec 16, 2020

What is number masking?

In our hyper-connected world, privacy is a legitimate concern. Wherever we go, whatever we do, we use our phone number to register; be it to shop online or enquire for services. Our phone numbers hold precious data and sensitive information, which can’t be put at risk. This is where the requirement for masking phone number calling comes into the picture.

What are masked phone numbers?

Masked numbers are commonly used to anonymize communication between several parties while safeguarding their phone numbers. Instead of direct contact between the parties through their actual phone numbers, users are connected through a third-party (proxy) phone number that bridges the call. By masking private phone numbers you can protect the identity of both businesses and customers.

Avail a phone numbers masking service

An intermediate Kaleyra phone number is all you need to make this possible.

Through this, you can easily bridge calls and texts between businesses and customers without exposing their identity, prevent spam calls/messages and secure all transactions.

This is a must-have for independent businesses, real-estate agencies, as well as, businesses that connect customers to drivers, customers to delivery services and vice versa. Kaleyra’s programmable Voice and SMS APIs provide the most efficient way to achieve this.

How does phone number masking work?

Kaleyra efficiently puts all the infrastructure in place for your business to support masked phone numbers. From a large pool of available phone numbers, it automatically assigns a short-lived number that routes communications back and forth between multiple parties. Here is how:

How does Phone Number Masking work

Advantages of phone number masking

This basic technique uses Kaleyra’s assigned intermediate number to forward the call to the user’s real number. So even though the user is viewing an incoming call from the proxy number on their screen, behind the scenes, the call is coming from the actual number of the caller.

These communications are enabled between the two or more parties in order to make the respective process quick, easy and desirable for both. Communication between buyers, sellers, delivery personals, etc., is required for logistical purposes but is over within a limited time frame. This is where Kaleyra’s phone numbers come in. They not only enable short-term communication without revealing any non-essential information but also, provide the following advantages for all types of businesses:

Masked phone numbers and call tracking

You can easily record, track and analyze all conversations taking place. With personal phone numbers, this would not be possible. But with Kaleyra’s proxy phone numbers you can monitor agent performance and assess the quality of their interactions with customers. This helps you gain important customer insights. Furthermore, you can also determine where in the conversation the agent has made a mistake or identify areas of improvement to ensure that each agent is fully prepared to converse with customers. Customer experience should be of the highest quality in order to benefit from word of mouth, repeat purchases or turn leads into customers. Through Kaleyra’s platform, you can guide your team to do just that.

Secure transactions

Don’t let others bear the fruits of your hard work! By using third-party phone numbers you ensure that the communication between different stakeholders only takes place through your business platform and no personal information is exchanged between them. This completely eliminates the possibility of engaging in personal transactions. In such a way you can keep all your business transactions fully secure and within your own platform.

Instant communication and phone number masking

When you use a phone numbers masking service, like Kaleyra’s, you ensure quick and safe communication between all the entities involved. The masked phone numbers facilitate a secure connection and strengthen trust.

Your customers benefit from being able to contact you instantly to resolve concerns. Your employees benefit from being able to communicate with customers and provide them with exactly what they need. Your business enjoys effective communication that supports all its business operations.

Scenario 1

A customer is eagerly waiting for the food they ordered. But the assigned delivery boy is unable to find their address. He can immediately call the customer, ask them their exact location and make sure the delivery is on time.

Scenario 2

A customer has scheduled a cab ride to their office and is waiting for their driver. But the location pin on the map is wrong. They can immediately contact the driver and tell them the exact pick-up location.

Problems arise unexpectedly. But this instant two-way communication ensures that all problems are resolved with faster turnaround time, in every scenario.  

Masked phone numbers for enhanced Customer Loyalty

By incurring the advantages of using masked phone numbers you can provide your customers with a convenient and secure experience. This enhances the perception existing customers carry about your company and at the same time, attracts several potential customers. By earning their trust you heighten the chances of them choosing your service over all other competitors.

Masked calling can facilitate short-term conversations between two or more parties, for any use case. Voice APIs, like Kaleyra, makes this possible by simplifying the whole process. In a similar way, the parties can also send SMSes to one another. For more information on this, click here.

Sakshee Sunil Sarrawgi

Sakshee Sunil Sarrawgi