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Scaling teams during the crisis: how we drive virtual hiring at Kaleyra

by | Apr 22, 2020

The Coronavirus outbreak has forced most of us to adapt to the new realities of life, and change processes at work overnight. With the lockdown in multiple global locations, work from home has become the new norm for all of us at Kaleyra. 

While the crisis has driven us to adapt to a 100% virtual style of working, it has not weakened our resolve to drive seamless communication for our customers, build great products, innovate and drive growth. With online hiring and onboarding tools, we are still growing our team to support our mission to make vital communication services available for organizations worldwide. Here is everything you need to know as a candidate about virtual hiring at Kaleyra: 

Virtual screening

Our current interview process and screening at Kaleyra is done remotely. If you apply for a job with us, you will first receive an email that has all the online resources about our company. You will also get a call from our recruiter, who will explain the job role in detail. We use virtual tools like Freshteam to evaluate a candidate’s profile and share timely feedback.

Remote hiring challenges and assessments

Based on the initial screening, selected candidates will then receive access to an online assessment or a test. For technical challenges and assessments, we rely on the HackerEarth platform. As a candidate, you can take the HackerEarth assessment online comfortably from your home.

Online interviews

Once you pass the assessment, we get the conversation started with video calls on Google Hangouts. We have a pretty flat and open organizational structure. That resonates in our interview-style as well. We encourage candidates to express their thoughts freely and interact openly with their hiring manager. 

Remote onboarding and documentation

Once you decide to accept the offer and join our team, you will receive all the online tools and resources you need to complete the joining and onboarding formalities. We follow a paperless joining process using digital forms to complete all the documentation formalities. Our IT team will get in touch with you to set up the VPN access that will allow you to join our office remotely and securely. You will also gain access to our digital training and induction materials that will help you get acquainted with our systems and process. We have interesting induction and onboarding sessions with team members on multiple screens on platforms like Google Hangouts.  

Access to remote tools and resources

Once you join the team, you will gain access to our collaboration tools like Slack, Asana, and Trello for managing your work and interacting freely with your teammates. With our virtual hiring process, candidates can complete the whole process of assessment, interview, and onboarding at Kaleyra without stepping out of their homes. 

As a company, we stand strong in our resolve to overcome challenges, scale growth, and help organizations deliver critical communication. No matter how hard it gets, we are not going to give up. We will continue to invest in our people, build impactful solutions, and work towards a better tomorrow.

Current job openings

We are looking for highly-driven people who can join us and help us build impactful communication solutions that have the potential to touch the lives of millions of people worldwide. To know more about the roles we are hiring for, please visit:

Filippo Monastra

Filippo Monastra