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8 Reasons Why Cloud Communication is the best for your company’s growth

by | Aug 3, 2018

Leave behind the conventional business telephone systems and switch to a smarter, easier and more efficient way of communicating with your customers. Through Cloud Telephony you can now make and receive numerous calls & SMSes simultaneously without any additional infrastructure.

More importantly, by managing everything on the cloud you get a strong grip on your incoming calls and can in turn serve customers better. Poor customer call handling affects your brand image. Did you know that customers are twice as likely to share and remember bad experiences than pleasant ones?

Manual Call Management Systems are poorly impacting firms that rely on these calls to enhance customer satisfaction and generate business leads. What’s the solution? Keeping up with the latest technological trends.

Cloud Telephony is the latest advancement in Cloud Computing, that provides innovative solutions to businesses that do not want to invest in standalone services. Switch to this fully automated pay-as-you-use incoming call management system that requires no additional hardware on site and can be implemented using a few easy steps. As a result, you will be able to immediately boost your image as a professionally managed organization. 


Small investments in cloud telephony services will provide high returns for your firm by allowing:


How: Cloud telephony lets you take calls from any device. Through virtual phone numbers, you can access all function, hear your voicemails, view caller details, etc. from wherever you are. You can use the same phone number to receive calls on multiple lines, creating only one identity for your firm no matter how many branches, departments or employees it contains.

Why is it important: Many businesses operate from multiple locations, these services allow employees to receive calls no matter which office they are in. Moreover, customers use only one number to reach you. The call can then be routed to the device of your preference. In such a way you can offer full quality customer support without needing a desk or a telephone to do so.

Detailed call analytics

How: cloud phone system providers give you detailed information about every call and SMS sent/ received. It also automatically generates a caller database that is very easily integrable with any CRM system. This data comprises of call volumes, call time, cost/call, missed calls, solving rates and so on.

Why is it important: When businesses set goals, this data allows companies to easily create a gap analysis to understand the difference between where they are and where they want to be. This helps them identify how much they have to improve in each area to reach their target. Moreover, through agent data they can monitor each agent’s performance. In such a way, firms can track an agent’s number of calls, average call length, if the problem of the customer was solved/not etc. and provide the required training.

Easy scalability

How: As everything is on the cloud, scaling calls for no extra infrastructure or manual labour. As your business grows, so does your customer base. Cloud based telephony solutions enable you to easily manage additional calls by routing the number and adding extensions, in just a click. Moreover, expansion needs are met by adding more staff to be able to cater to these needs. It is very easy to create or delete employee profiles on the cloud.

Why is it important: Cloud telephony solutions providers make it possible for your business to align communications into one channel without any hassles. As a result, your business has the flexibility to scale up or down solely based on your firm’s requirements, without having to worry about your customer relations.


How: By eliminating the need to install and constantly update hardware, cloud telephony makes communication for businesses more cost-effective. All you mostly need are handsets and a router. In addition, it also ensures that there is no time lag that hinders the operations of the business. Engineers no longer have to update the physical equipment which means timely-functioning of all operations and prevention of expensive maintenance needs.

Why is it important: By not only saving time and money but also reducing costs, businesses can operate more efficiently. You can also reallocate these resources to areas of the firm that need additional investments in order to allow your firm to grow smoothly.

Create a brand image

How: Through cloud hosted solutions all your processes are automated, this makes your company look bigger and more equipped to handle customer’s queries. In addition, having local area codes creates the perception of your firm having a local presence. Cloud telephony services are now a necessity for every firm, be it a startup or an MNC.

Why is it important: Reaching each customer one-on-one, through personalized greetings, call management support and so on, you can boost your company’s image by ensuring customers high-quality service. It leads to existing customers having a higher level of trust in your services and increases the likelihood of positive word of mouth for potential customers.

Enhance employee performance

How: The real-time data and detailed analytics cloud telephony providers give can help you analyze the performance of your call support team and even get information on individual agents’ contribution. You can also use call conferencing to train your agents. Agents can also add domain experts on the call to address a customer’s concern if they are not able to.

Why is it important:

Through call-recordings and live call monitoring, you can provide training as well as personalized feedback for agents to strengthen their assisting skills. These features allow agents to solve every problem that comes in with full effort and delight all customers. This efficiency allows agents more time to do value-added work for your business.

Numerous integrations

How: The best cloud telephony providers ensure easy CRM integrations with Zendesk, Salesforce, Google Spreadsheets, Zoho, etc. Therefore, there are no restrictions on what platform your communication needs to occur from. You can reach your customers on any device convenient for you.

Why is it important: These integrations with applications which your employees are currently using creates a sense of familiarity for them. There is no longer a need to train employees to make them skilled in order to be able to use the platform. They can efficiently manage all communications according to their own platforms and ensure that they provide the best service for their customers.

Focus on your core business

How: Cloud telephony means that there is no longer a burden for firms to hire, train, and maintain a huge team on auxiliary. It is like you have outsourced your business communication to a cloud telephony solutions provider and the only thing you have to concentrate on is about your core business operations. Cloud telephony providers take full care of the technology and provide you business communicational tools to get you closer to your customers and ensure the success of your marketing campaigns.

Why is it important: Cloud telephony systems can be accessed from anywhere in the world and big providers have extensive networks in many countries. Thus, you can focus on expansion operations, travel anywhere in the world for business purposes, enter new markets and still be able to provide full care to your valuable customers.

Consider two scenarios for example. One where a customer has been on hold for about 20 minutes and is frustrated or one in which all your customers get individual attention and their problems are solved then and there. Which scenarios would you like to be in? Cloud telephony allows you to think from the perspective of your customer and treat each call like it were the only one.

Interactive Voice Response Systems are now a crucial part of a successful business. IVR makes it possible for computers to interact with humans through voice/ DTMF tones. Agents can schedule calls according to customers convenience instead of making them call. They also access customer analytics to get full detail about the customer on the call and engage in personalized interactions. Cloud telephony is the driving force behind delivering value to your customers and reducing costs, all at once. It is exactly what you need to grow your business in the 21st century.

Sakshee Sunil Sarrawgi

Sakshee Sunil Sarrawgi