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Choosing the Best Video Chat Platform to Improve Business Performance

by | Feb 21, 2023

Best Video Chat platform

The impact of face-to-face conversations is unparalleled, as in-person communication allows meaningful connections and fosters more profound understanding. Video call is a versatile tool that enables businesses to mimic in-person interactions between customers, partners, and employees in real time, ensuring a more personal and human experience. Moreover, the personal touch enables collaboration and helps foster loyalty and trust. Let’s see how choosing the best video chat platform that aligns with your business needs enhances productivity and sets your business up for success.

Why Use a Video Chat Solution for Communication? 

Video chat platforms have evolved over the past few years, simplifying and enhancing customer communication through various features. Here’s how video conversations boost engagement across all the digital touchpoints of the buying journey. 

Pre-Purchase and Purchase Stages: When users can see each other’s facial expressions and body language, it drives engagement. The customer service team can better guide and nudge users towards purchase by building trust through face-to-face communication. As a result, businesses can understand customers’ needs more efficiently and provide the right support at the right time. 

Post-Purchase Stage: With video calls, users can tap into non-verbal communication and solve complex problems. Since efficient communication reduces the number of follow-up questions, it reduces customer service costs and improves productivity. Moreover, since conversations feel more personal with video, it improves customer satisfaction. In addition, the humanized digital experience boosts loyalty, resulting in better customer retention.  

Businesses can gain a competitive advantage by offering an outstanding digital experience that mimics in-person conversations. Furthermore, CRM systems integrations provide strategic data and valuable insights to improve business efficiency. 

Using Video Chat for Better Business Outcomes

In this fast-paced world, quick and effective communication is critical to exceptional user experiences. Businesses must look beyond traditional methods such as phone calls and emails to keep up with growing expectations. Video chat platforms enable seamless communication and improve efficiency in several business areas, such as customer/employee onboarding, internal training, and sales meetings. Here are a few ways businesses can use video conversations –

1. Customer/Employee Onboarding 

Customer onboarding is a critical step of the buying journey, and your onboarding strategy can make or break the customer’s perception of a product. 70% of customers say understanding how they use products and services is crucial to winning their business. (Salesforce). Therefore, companies must focus on crafting a thoughtful onboarding process instead of a one-size-fits-all onboarding approach. 

With video chat, the onboarding specialist can communicate with the customer in real-time, allowing immediate feedback. As a result, customer education is more efficient, leading to better product adoption. Visual product demos, especially, are effective in explaining product features and helping customers customize the settings according to their preferences. In addition, digital tours can help customers make informed decisions quickly. 

With remote and hybrid work commonplace now, a well-designed employee onboarding process has become essential to ensure new employees are effectively acquainted with company policies and expectations. Video chat is an excellent tool for the on-the-job training of new employees as it is engaging and interactive. In addition, with virtual tours, new hires can get a glimpse of the company environment and get familiar with their teammates.  

More importantly, onboarding saves time and cost and is more convenient since it eliminates the need for in-person demos and meetings that involve travel and cost.

2. Customer Support

When customers have complex problems, it may involve a lot of back-and-forth communication before their issues are resolved. In some cases, customers may become frustrated at the delay in resolution, leading to churn. Solving problems with nuanced solutions requires real-time communication and reading non-verbal cues, which is possible with video chat.  

Video chat conversations are interactive and allow a real-time connection vital for addressing critical concerns. Agents can show empathy and provide the right support for sensitive issues that needs deeper understanding. 

Customers may sometimes need help to articulate their concerns or use incorrect terms while explaining issues. A significant benefit of video calls is that customers can demonstrate their problems visually. As a result, agents can quickly identify the cause and provide an effective solution immediately.

3. Customer Engagement 

Video chat has the edge over other communication channels, such as email, in that they provide human interactions that are key to building trust. Customers feel valued when they receive prompt responses and personal attention, driving brand loyalty. 

You can use video Chat platforms to host Q&A sessions, allowing customers to learn more about your products and services. You can also collect feedback through videos, letting customers know their opinions matter. You can also host product launches, webinars, workshops, and panel discussions to build engagement and foster long-term customer relationships. 

As customers go through several stages of the buying journey, they need tailored solutions for meaningful engagement. When integrated with business systems and marketing automation solutions, video platforms enable easy access to accurate customer data, allowing seamless engagement.

4. Upselling/Cross-selling

When businesses use video chat to demonstrate product features, they can help customers see the value of complementary products in the category. You can encourage additional purchases by showing the customers how they can get the most out of your product. Letting customers discover related products in real-time opens the door to more sales.

Salespeople can schedule personalized video consultations to address all the customer pain points and build strong customer relationships. By showing customers you care, you can increase the likelihood of conversions.

5. Employee productivity

In an era where remote collaboration has become paramount to business success, video chat has become a handy tool that facilitates effortless collaboration. Syncing up with remote teams on projects, tasks, and deadlines is more effortless, regardless of the geographical distance. Thus, video chat improves productivity while reducing travel costs and time.

Businesses can upskill employees and offer development opportunities through virtual sessions. Moreover, video is fantastic for providing performance feedback. In addition, face-face conversations help ensure that employees are motivated and their concerns are addressed promptly. 

Additionally, Virtual coffee breaks and office parties help build positive work relationships, leading to better productivity.

Picking the Best Video Chat Platform

Here are a few things to keep in mind while choosing the video platform right for your business

Flexibility and scalability: 

You want a flexible video solution that will accommodate your business’s growth. With programmable Video API solutions, you can easily add video capabilities with little to no code. Moreover, as your business grows, you can engage customers at scale without making huge investments in technical infrastructure.

Brand Recognition:

You can make the video solution your own by adding your company logo and colors. Branded calls help build trust and loyalty. Moreover, with branded video, your customers are assured that they are not dealing with spammers, reducing the likelihood of them ignoring your calls.


To provide a seamless user experience, all your business systems must be aligned with each other. Choose a video chat software that can be integrated with other platforms, such as payment gateways, customer relationship management, marketing automation, and content management systems. 


Video APIs are cost-effective because they help businesses embed video capabilities without building complex tools from scratch. Moreover, since video solutions reduce agent workload by reducing resolution times, it helps in saving costs incurred in maintaining a huge support team.

Collaboration Features:

Does your video solution support screen sharing? Can you use a whiteboard for better presentations? Can you record the call? Can you take a screenshot and quickly share it with the customer? Look for video calling solutions with collaboration tools that simplify and enrich communication. 


Choose a video software that keeps all data privacy and ensures the connections are secure. For example, video solutions built on WebRTC protocol are highly secure, improving customer trust.  

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