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Here’s How Kaleyra Can Help With Automated Customer Service

Here’s How Kaleyra Can Help With Automated Customer Service
By Darell Khin . 07 Dec 2018 . image 5 min read

The world is on a roll to get everything faster and better. Businesses can’t stop for anything because they could be left behind. In a world where you have to think fast, it’s still important to take a breath, do the research, and make smart, informed decisions.

Automation is a dreaded word for many people – especially for the Baby Boomers and Generation X. For centuries, people who dealt with personalized human contact prefer it over automation any day. But as the world rapidly advances, we see the new generation, the Millennials, taking easily to anything that gets the job done faster and with less hassle. The less human interaction, the happier they are – provided they get the solution they were seeking.

Issues with automation arise only when the problem isn’t solved, leaving the customer fried on the other end. The key to successful automation is using just the right amount and delivering solutions/messages to the customer at the right time.

If automation brings you closer to a customer, it’s a viable option. Using automation for any other reason is futile.

Automated customer service solutions are gaining momentum in the market. Research from HelpDesk shows that 72% of Millennials do not want to talk to a customer service representative. They would much rather take an impersonal route. This does not mean that the younger generation wants to have less contact with your business, it means that they want the contact to be faster, better and seamless.

Gartner predicts that by the year 2020, only 15% of customer service will be handled with human interaction.

Many businesses now offer a simple SMS service for customers to reach out to the customer support team. Sending a specific message to the designated number results in a quick automated response, followed by alerting the correct department that can fix the issue. This reduces the time taken to relay the message to the correct team, the time taken to fix the issue and the time taken to satisfy the customer.

When taking the route to automation, it’s imperative to make smart decisions that will help deliver better results, increase customer satisfaction, reduce costs, and help scale operations. Overall, if it helps improve a customer’s experience, automation is the way to go.

How can Kaleyra Help?

2 way SMSKaleyra helps you set up a 2-way system of messaging, short and long codes for customers to communicate easily with your business. This enables customers to reach out to the business and get speedy solutions.

Notifications – Engage your customer with seamless notifications. This is helpful in reaching out to customers who have signaled they need assistance, in alerting customers on resolutions or other options, or to alert customers when their package has been packed, shipped or delivered, and so on.

Valify OTP – This helps neutralize account authentications and frauds. This platform facilitates a 2-factor authentication so that customers transactions are secure.

Automated Customer Service

What Kaleyra Has to Offer with Automated Customer Service: 

Reach Larger Target Audience

By automating the opt-in or opt-out subscription list, businesses can seamlessly manage SMS campaigns to targeted audiences.

Data and Insights

Real-time data along with analytics will help assess and improve messaging campaigns and strategies. Data analysis goes a long way in reaching out to customers better and building closer relationships.

Reach out in 87+ Languages

With Kalerya, you can send SMSs around the world in more than 87 languages. This helps you connect with customers in their preferred language making the experience much better.

Concatenate Smartly

With smart concatenation, you can send long messages up to 4,000 characters in one go. Messages are delivered on time to ensure that there is no lag, such as receiving half a message once and the other half later.

Automated Retry

In case of a failed delivery, Kaleyra ensures messages are re-sent via an automated retry mechanism. This guarantees that every message triggered is delivered to the customer.

Messaging Queue Logic

This feature enables a business to send as many messages as they want. The automated queue logic retains messages temporarily until customers receive them. This system ensures delivery of all messages at the same pace.

Manage Campaigns

Kaleyra offers a single dashboard interface that is user-friendly to run, manage and monitor SMS campaigns. Businesses need to upload messages to the platform or send them through FTP requests, and Kaleyra will handle the delivery.

Granting Access Roles

The platform offers a facility to control what each user can see. This helps safeguard important information. Every level of access will require unique user permissions. So the access granted will vary between admin, manager, and agent.

Using Optimized Routes

The Kaleyra platform is designed to check for the best route available. Therefore, delivery of messages are guaranteed, network congestion is avoided and the overall process is enhanced.

Automating customer service is not easy. If done wrong, it can prove to be critical for a company. Before automating, it’s best to find a solution that can deliver positive results.

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