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A definite guide to building great marketing strategies with VoIP

A definite guide to building great marketing strategies with VoIP
By Sakshee Sunil Sarrawgi . 10 Aug 2018 . image 15 min read

Your business can only be as successful as the technology and equipment that you use lets it be. Don’t allow Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) to determine your success. Through VoIP phone service you can combine voice and data through multiple pathways and route the call to any network. VoIP technology eliminated the costs that comes with using POTS and provides a more versatile and efficient service.

A headset and a computer is all it takes to make calls to any number, even if the receiver does not use VoIP phone services. In addition, the recipients will not be aware that the calls are being made to them through VoIP devices using the internet, as they will only be able to see the firm’s number on the caller ID. As a result you can work on-the-go, multitask, take calls from other locations or devices and still depict a sense of professional as your customers would feel that you are in the office.

Business VoIP phone services

have rapidly grown over the last few years and now have endless features that make them the ideal choice for business communications all around the world. VoIP is everything and more than your basic telephony system. VoIP services help increase your sales by helping you get the most out of your marketing campaigns. In order to benefit from all the VoIP advantages for business, it is important to understand all its features as it provides so much more than just the ability to call your customers through the internet. Here are some ways in which VoIP can help you build great marketing strategies:

Increase conversation

Creating a product that will change the life of your customers is of no use until your customers know about the product and are persuaded to buy it. Successful communication and marketing directly impact the level of sales in your firm. Many businesses today think that online platforms are the ideal way to reach thousands of clients in a fraction of the time. However, according to Salesforce, cloud phone system outreach has a 8.18 percent higher conversion rate. Through VoIP phone service that requires no additional infrastructure, you can increase the exposure of your marketing campaigns by calling clients wherever they are, for free/at low-costs. Customers see more than 4,500 ads per day on social media. But by putting in the effort to call them you can make sure that they are actively engaging with your product instead of passively scanning through the information you sent.

Track advertisements

VoIP service providers allow you the flexibility of having different telephone numbers. This not only helps you to create a level of trust for clients in different locations but also lets you track the success rate of your advertisements or other marketing strategies. You can assign different phone numbers to different advertisements. So, when a customer calls a number you will know which advert they have seen and got the number from. In such a way you can track which advertisement has a higher response rate and get more insights about the preference of your customers. This ensures that all your marketing campaigns are successful and therefore, persuades potential customers to make the final purchase, thus increasing sales.

Toll-free numbers

Why make your customers pay for anything but the product? VoIP phone service companies give you the opportunity to get toll-free numbers at reasonable rates. After seeing an advertisement or hearing about a promotion offer from your company, prospective clients can easily get in touch with you for further information. You can easily guide customer along every step of their purchase and easily turn potential customers into regular customers. By making sure that interested customers can reach you without incurring any personal cost, you can ensure that customers reach you without any hesitation. Moreover, it also enhances the brand image of your firm.

Customer segmentation

If your customers’ preferences vary across geographical locations you do not have to provide the same information to them or reach them from the same number. VoIP services allows you to get different area codes of local regions and make calls through them no matter where you are physically present. This feature allows you to easily segment your customers based on your convenience by helping you expand your reach virtually. In such a way you can make sure that your customers connect to you emotionally as well through your local area code, local language used by agents, ensuring that the songs played on-hold are in the local language and so on.

Maximise your presence

You can virtually carry your business lines/numbers/extensions along with your luggage, wherever you travel to. This allows your customers to easily reach you, using the same phone number at a time that is convenient for them. In such VoIP phone services ensure that even a single interested customers does not go unsatisfied by making sure that you are available for them, no matter what. Through the VoIP system to can route the calls to any device and make sure that nothing gets in the ways of you and your clients. It is important to ensure that you build a strong connection with customers even before their purchase in order to be able to show them a glimpse of all the benefits and care your company can provide them with in the future.

Want to provide this level of comfort for your customers and benefit from the other VoIP services that can help your firm reach its full potential? Here are some of the best VoIP phone service providers:


Aptela, founded in 2001, provides VoIP phone services to more than 1,000 small-medium businesses. It sells its IP PBX services directly but also has wholesale availability through its extensive reseller network.


Nextiva’s services can be used by businesses of all sizes. Apart for VoIP, silent monitoring and other features, it also provides a mobile app that gives agents a chance to use its facilities from their mobile phones. It also provides call center plans for companies.


Mostly serving small businesses, CentricVoice focuses on selling hosted PBX and VoIP services. Its presence varies across industries like healthcare, advertising, non-profit aviation and more. It is a private company, situated in Dallas. 


BroadConnect, a VoIP service provider, offers many intelligent features that can help you easily communicate with your customers. It is well equipped to serve companies of all sizes. It includes hosted PBX, SIP trunking and voice solutions.


Started in 2004 as an internet cafe, Speakeasy sells its services in big metropolitan areas. It also caters to small businesses. After becoming more established and developing a larger customer base it bought its own IP PBX server.


A VoIP provider in india, Altotelecom, offers SIP trunking services for call centers, hotels, small-large businesses etc. it enables calling under 1 cent/minute to USA, Canada and UK.

Asergis Telecome

Is another VoIP services provider in India. They offer international calling to over 90 countries and have affordable pricing. Their services include call management, audio conferencing, toll-free numbers and so on.

Technology has changed the way you communicate with customers. Through VoIP services, you can leverage this technology for your business’s communicational needs and ensure that your marketing campaigns are highly successful, yet cost-effective.


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