We’ve got your back. Even from a distance.

Stay home. Stay connected. Save lives.

During times like these, communicating with your network of people becomes extremely important. We want to reassure you that we are with you. Every step of the way.

Use our system to sustain your business through these trying times, reach out to your customers, help your employees, talk to your citizens, provide healthcare updates, and do much more. Get it all up and running in just 3 easy steps!

  • Step 1: Register on our platform by clicking below and submit documents for account verification.
  • Step 2: Send an email to covid19help@kaleyra.com telling us your need and use case, and get FREE credits within 3 hours, on approval.
  • Step 3: Launch your communication campaigns.

Kaleyra’s Specialized Cloud Communication Services

What are we doing to help?

Dedicated Healthcare Helplines

Are you a government office or an NGO fighting COVID-19? We can help. We are working with NGOs, startups, local and national governments to create specialized IVR and SMS services that will allow the general public to access information or emergency services via call or message. Find out how we implemented an SMS service for the Italian Red Cross (Croce Rossa Italiana, CRI).

Chatbots For Awareness

The COVID-19 Information Bot is a WhatsApp Chatbot developed by Kaleyra that can be used to provide necessary information about Coronavirus to the general public. Click here or scan the QR code to see this bot in action!

You can also get in touch with us if you’re interested in building your own bot.

Employee Communication

Is your team working remotely? Use our specialized cloud telephony services to strengthen employee communication. These services allow you to make automatic calls to employees to raise awareness, set up internal helpline numbers, create virtual numbers for support calls to customer support teams, and use browser plugins to make client calls from home.


What services is Kaleyra offering?

Government and NGO Helplines

We can assist in setting up emergency helplines and IVR flows through voice and SMS, absolutely free of cost. If you are a healthcare provider or an agency at the forefront of the fight, we want to hear from you. Read more about our effort with the Italian Red Cross to get a glimpse of the same.

Internal Office Communications

Your first US$25 of employee messaging credits are on the house!
During this period of quarantine and a seemingly never-ending work-from-home situation, your team may feel a little disconnected from each other. Keep them informed on more accessible channels like SMS, and engage with them on more personable channels like WhatsApp.
If you have a requirement for the same based on voice calls, write to covid19help@kaleyra.com with your requirement to get set up.

Free WhatsApp Credits

We’re offering free WhatsApp sign-ups till June 30, 2020. Your customers, employees, and patients can reach out to you at no cost.*

*Template messages in WhatsApp will be at the cost price.

Integration Help

Our developers and support teams are ready and available to help you integrate your systems with ours for seamless and near-instant mass communication.

How do I get in touch with Kaleyra for help?

To get more information and avail these services, reach out to us directly at covid19help@kaleyra.com.

Who can use these services?

We have launched a program aimed at facilitating communication to populations affected by the COVID-19 coronavirus. Doesn’t matter whether you’re an enterprise or start-up, a for-profit or NGO organization, government or private institution - we can help you reach your audience anywhere in the world with our APIs. If you need to send out communication through SMS, Voice or WhatsApp services, we are right here for you.

Can I use these services with other platforms?

Kaleyra’s communication capability resides on select platforms through native plug-ins and extensions, including Chrome, Zapier, Oracle Eloqua, Oracle Responsys, Freshdesk, Zendesk, Leadsquared, Magento, WordPress and many others. You can get a full list of our plug-ins here.

How can I avail free credits for my communication during the COVID-19 crisis?

Sign up for our platform here. You’ll need to submit the required documents for account verification and send a very short note to us at covid19help@kaleyra.com telling us the amount and use case for free credits. Free credits will be activated once your documents and use-case are approved.

How is Kaleyra dealing with the coronavirus outbreak and quarantine mandates?

Like many other businesses, we are working remotely too. Working from home does not mean the end of teamwork or business. We are doing our best to equip our teams to collaborate easily over online and telecom channels. We even use our own platform for SMS communication! That’s why we know it can help your teams too.
This is a new challenge for us and just like we did for all other challenges that we’ve overcome, we’re sticking together even while staying quarantined. Read more in our recent blog.

We miss going outside and we know you do too. Let us talk. Let us break the chain.